Echo or Stihl to run a power sweep attachment?


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Flint, Michigan
I have the Stihl. I bought the sweeper and then the stickedger head, or vice-versa. It's the FS85 unit. It works graet, however, all my trimmers are Echo, and I absolutely love them . Echo just came out with that paddle unit, recently. All they offered before was the bristles and a dethatcher for their units. Either one you decide is certainly going to be an asset.

Acute Cut

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Bellingham WA
stihl is pretty good. just got mine last week. I found more uses than i thought i had for it


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Salem, Ohio
I have an Echo 2400 split-boom w/ several attachments. One of my attachments is the bristle broom and it works excellent. Echo builds great equipment and it seems to get a real bad rep on this forum.