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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pjdkrunkt, Apr 6, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    First of all id like to say that I am an ameteur and the only other small engine work ive done is change rings and rebuild the carb on my 1984 Suzuki scooter.

    I am working on the Echo PB-300E, I dont have any knowledge of its past use, but I was assured that more than likely it was run without oil in the past. It is not seized and pulling the cord you can hear the familiar sound of "fop fop fop" as the piston moves... sounds like it has compression. I tested the spark by inserting a screwdriver into the plugwire and letting it bridge the spark-plug... no spark. I checked the plugwire and the ground to the plug and although there is some resistance, there is good connection through both. I also tested spark with the screwdriver directly to the ground end and no spark. I then removed the blower cover to get to the ignition parts. I was shocked to find instead of a magneto, a tiny electronic module attached to the starter coil!

    I looked up the blower on a parts website and it lists this part as a CDI module. Being as this is such a simple design of engine, the CDI Module and the Ignition Coil are the only parts which could be bad right? On Plano Power Equiptment Online Store they are listed as: $60 for the ignition coil and $90 for the CDI. How do I go about testing these parts and is replacing them worth the cost of the blower?
  2. pjdkrunkt

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    Oh, I forgot to mention this is a small backpack blower.
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    Before you do anything, make sure you don't have a bad switch.
  4. pjdkrunkt

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    Yeah, like I said, I tested for spark directly to the ground, bypassing the switch. I also checked resistence through the switch. So is it possible to test the electronic coil and CDI or is the thing garbage?
  5. pjdkrunkt

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    Success!!! I got the engine to spark! There was oil on the electrical connection between the Coil and the Plug Wire. I cleaned it off and got spark. I can get the engine to run for a second by putting a little carb cleaner in the spark plug hole... but I cant get it to keep running. I guess I shoulda cleaned out the carb while I had it all taken apart! Does anyone know how to prime the gas in this model?? There is no gas primer that I could find and I dont have access to a manual.
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    Don't use carb cleaner to make your 2 cycle run( it has no lubrication properties :hammerhead: ) you can burn up the engine. The PB 300&400 have a piece of fuel line that runs from the carb to a nipple on the block that picks up the pulse instead of a primer and a pulse port on the insulator block.
    Replace the line if it is cracked or missing.
    Hope this helps :)

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