Echo PB-400E will not stay running

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bkcook, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. bkcook

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    I have a couple of PB-400E I picked up used I am have some trouble with them. I can get both of the running if a pour a little gas in the carb from the breather side. They will stay running for a few minutes before they die out longer than the little bit of gas I put in the carb. I am running echo mix.

    I can get gas from the tank from the line to the carb but I dont think that I am getting past there. I have took the carb off and cleaned them but didnt put any new parts in. Just took apart and cleaned with carb cleaner.

    Does anyone know what I can check or have you had the same problem?

  2. dutch1

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    Check for adequate compression---100 psi+. Reolace fuel lines, filter and rebuild carb. Sounds like you have a hard diagphram that is not pumping fuel.

  3. General Grounds

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    :)Checkfor air leak, make sure spark plug is snug, remove air filter and make sure the bolts holding the carb to the blower is tight, look for oil leaks, could mean a bad gasket or oil seal. usuall whats wrong when i have that prob. hope this helps tony
  4. topsites

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    One other thing I would try is first empty out the gas tank(s) in a container, then see if there's dirt in there... All too often the fall season is rough in that way, dirt gets in there when refueling and what have you.

    Then take a little fresh gas and pour it in, shake it all around and empty that out as well.

    Now replace the in-tank fuel filter (it's not as hard as it might seem, does take a little doing but it's not bad).

    Then try it again, with fresh fuel.

    If all that doesn't work, heheh, I don't want to give you bad news but Echo has this way of expiring like that, it runs until it's warm then it loses power... In some cases it means it's dying or near dead, but I'd try fixing all that stuff first, coil, too.

    By the way, don't buy 2-cyclers used, at least not for commercial duty.
  5. bkcook

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    I went to get the carb kit today I found out it could have a couple different carbs so I will pulling off this weekend.

    Actually they arent for commerical use I have a farm I use them on but I thought about getting in commerical. I have everything that I could get in a commerical business just need to pick me up a good landscaping trailer. :)
  6. AmsoilPower

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    Sounds like it needs a carb kit, but I would also check the fuel tank vent & cap and muffler/exhaust ports. When it starts to die, loosen the fuel cap to allow air into tank, if it starts to run again the cap or vent is bad. If it has a hard time coming up to rpm's it may be a clogged exhaust. More than likely it is carb related, but if not that is my next step.

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