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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mictrik, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Echo PB-413 backpack blower, I bought this new back in November 08 and have used it very very little and it looks brand new. I ran echo oil for its first 2 tank fulls and then Motul ester based synthetic oil about 4 tank fulls. The unit starts in 1 or 2 pulls every time and runs absolutely perfect. I have the manuals and warranty card all as new and never touched. The machine has never done anything but clear oak tree matter off my driveway this past spring. I will entertain a reasonable offer.




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    doesn't the warranty void when/if you use any other oil other than echo brand?
    when i bought my echo trimmer, the sales rep told me to make sure i used echo oil in all of my echo equipment, otherwise it would void the warranty. and echo has a way of knowing what oil has been thru the machine.
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    Good question but the answer is no with a caveat. You must use an oil that meets or exceed the specification of the manufacturer you do not have to buy there branded oil (Echo Powerblend is made by Citgo). . The reason why this is the case is to encourage competition. So if you produce a car and you use Mobil 1 or Exxon or shell oil it does not matter so long as the oil is of the correct viscosity and is compliance with the specifications of the manufacturer. This also applies to other consumables like gasoline, air filters, trimmer heads etc... You are still within warranty if you use a purolator air filter rather than an OEM like Mopar. But dont take my word for it look into it... But with regard to my blower it is extremely well taken care off as all of my things are. And i believe that switching to an approved high quality synthetic oil like Motul is an improvement over the OEM blend oil. Motul is large well known brand in Europe and their ester based synthetics are very very good.
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    This Blower is sold...

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