echo pb 601 blower carb problems!?$%@

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by emendo1, May 2, 2004.

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    Hello and thank you to any who respond.
    I am attempting to repair this blower for a friend. When I recieved the blower at full throttle it would fall on it's face after about 30 seconds as if it would run out of fuel, then pick back up and stumble again...idle was fine. After doing some searching on this site I found the spark arrestor problems...I cleaned the spark
    arrestor thoroughly..problem still persists. The gas cap was a non venting cap..I replaced it..problem still persists...I took the advice of a very good lawn care tool center "Gambinos", and purchased a rebuild kit for the carburator Zama k49a-92a, and a new fuel filter for inside the tank. After my rebuild and filter the blower is now running way too rich! I attemted to set the mixture screws what should be way too lean this helps but I'ts still running too rich...HELP
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    Good Luck ! I have a PB-603 and I had the same problem. Those carburators can be a bit tricky to re-build. It seems easy enough to rebuild them but sometimes they wont work correctly. I have gone to buying new carburators instead of rebuilding. It worked for me. Let me know if it works for you.:)
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    Well Warren I found the source of my problem to be the welch plug wasn't / Isn't properly seated, causing an internal fuel leak and my rich mixture. So I contated V.E. Petersen, a Zama distributor in ohio, and first ordered a new carburetor, but I also ordered the specisl tool kit Kzt-101 which includes the welch plug instalation tool. This and a couple layers of nail polish should have me on the way to a great running blower! And if not I'll throw it against the wall and put the new carb on. Thanks for your reply. I'll post a brief final result when the parts come in.

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