Echo PB 610 --- Used blower/new carb.. "still having issues"

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jlbf0786, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Just bought a used Echo PB610 backpack blower for $75
    The guy wasnt in the business, he was a homeowner and has had it since new.. but had been having issues w/ "what i thought" was the Carburetor.
    But he had just put a new Carb on it, brand new from ZAMA.
    (still has limiter caps on H+ and L- jets)
    He also installed a new fuel filter, and spark plug. the old carb, filter, spark plug came w/ it. "so i know he's being truthful"

    But i went to use it for the 1st time, it starts up great, but it wont fully throttle w/out bogging down.. not die but right there at it!
    "before i start adjusting the factory settings on this new Zama, what do you guys think.." Anymore suggestions before going forward w/ this?
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    That model has big problems with crank bearings and the related seal so I would check that. In addition I have had 2 coils go out of a sample of 8 units. I took 3 from the local dealers junk and got them going because customers just wouldn't pay for bearing install. Never had any carb failures but I always rebuild them when I redo the units. I had one that had air leak on the carb line inside the tank so might check that. I never seen any of them with clogged ports.

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