Echo PB-651 Fan Assembly self-destructed...

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Snyderserv5060, May 25, 2008.

  1. Snyderserv5060

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    **oops I mistyped the title, its a 751

    The other day on the job one of my Echo PB-751 backpack blowers (purchased july 1st 2006 so it has a tiny bit left on the warranty)... the blower/fan assembly literally exploded and locked up the engine. Parts of the fan were shot out the blower tube and slightly cracked the housing.

    I was informed by Echo that all I needed to do is take my paperwork from the origional purchase to any echo place and the warranty work could be taken care of. However my dealer and I had it out when they informed me they refused to do the warranty work since it was purchased online. I purchased it from a company called valley sales who has a store and sells on ebay, legit company. So what do you all think of this issue? Its still under the 2 years and I intend to call Echo back and get them involved. Honestly it really concerns me that this blower/fan assembly completely self-destructed itself, not only that it was a danger to myself and others around but that this machine is maintained and stored indoors.

    Unfortunately I do not have the time to wait while this unit is being repaired or I order parts and fix the damn think myself so im out a bunch of money because I had no option but to order an additional blower. While I can fix it the time I spend $60 on the fan and who knows what on the housing plus anything else damaged its going to set me back a bunch on a "should be dealt with under warranty machine."

    Clearly I can find a new dealer but I want to get Echo to authorize the repairs or send me the parts so this unit can be put back together.

    Any input would be appreciated, thanks all
  2. mountainlake

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    Sound like Echo needs to have a talk with your dealer, they should fix it no matter where it came from. Steve
  3. Happy Frog

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    Go back to the dealer and tell them that you are filling a written complain with Echo asking them to pull their dealership away.
    Go see another dealer to get your blower fixed if they refuse to do the work.
    I can't stand these f#ck!r who try to give a hard time to honest users.
  4. Snyderserv5060

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    They are simply mad that I did not purchase the blower from them... why would I when the difference between their price and tax jumps the cost up $100 and I can get the damn thing shipped to my door for FREE... Honestly to hold me over I bought another one online... even if it was the same price at this point them made me mad enough to not buy again.

    I am going to contact Echo very shortly, im away currently for the holiday weekend and just wanted to get so additional opinions before I call them heated.

  5. mowermankevin

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    Just a quick note, your not alone, the 650's do the same thing. The fix is about $85 for all the parts. The flywheel is different (bigger bolts from the blower side, which requires complete disassembly of the unit. I don't recommend tearing it down unless you have a lot of time,so work a dealer to get them to honor the warranty, keep us posted, please let us know what happens, this was a design defect, not operator error.
  6. kayeproperties

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    I have run into the same problem with dealers refusing to work on the machine because it was purchased elsewhere. What a crock! Thats why you choose a name brand so that if there is a problem you can get it taken care of. I have a 651T should I be aware of the same thing happening? It has mad a few weird noises from the blower housing area a few times recently.
  7. ed2hess

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    Does Echo pay labor in the second year? Will dealer give you the parts you need? The replacement isn't that bad ...probably a couple hours at the most.
  8. Tharrell

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    I'd like to know the resolution to this one myself. Btw, what exactly happened?
    I have one and so far I've only had to replace the starter. Tony

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