Echo pb-770t review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by peahlybros., Aug 31, 2010.

  1. buckhigh

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    Local dealer a mile down the street has them for $449 plus tax. That's everyday price without even asking for a discount.
  2. Southern Pride

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    Welp, thought I'd check back into my favorite blower thread.

    I've had my 770 all fall, winter, and into the spring and it has nothing less than been amazing. I had really wet cutting conditions the other day. The curb/gutter was just saturated with grass, rocks, you name it. I took my 770 along there and blew the mini river of grass all the back up hill and into the sewer lol Along with breaking off huge pieces of asphalt and moving them right with everything. My customer came out and was just simply amazed. He had no idea it was possible the get his curbs that clean without physically removing all of the rocks and scrubbing on hands and knees. With 160 more CFM than Redmax's biggest blower, I'm not too surprised. Echo has yet again lived up to the hype. My favorite part about cutting grass used to be hopping on my eXmark, but now it's firing up the 770 and putting the perfection touches on everything.

    My 10 year old pb403t blower that is now my backup, and fires up first pull everytime, I may start using again for residentials, just to save hours off the new one. Either one does a great job.


    Anyone hesitant about buying the blower, or have questions about it feel free to pm me.
  3. Scotty Dive

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    I tried to get Home depot to match the price at but they said they would not. How did you get them to do it? Was it online or in store? has it for 459.00 plus $15 for insurance on shipping. Home depot is at $500
  4. Knight511

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    I will add to the thread. I bought my 7770T the first weekend in March and I have been amazed at its power. Definitely well worth the price!
  5. Green-Man

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    Sorry I'm late on this topic. I was recently going to buy the echo pb 755t but I saw this page and started reading and you all have just about changed my mind. Is the 770t that much better and worth it? Just want some opinions on people who have them or use them. Thank you
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  6. DavidNJ

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    You can never have enough power. That is why you have the bigger walk behind, ride on, or tractor mount versions:


    Reliability and noise/vibration are also important in the amount of use you can get from the equipment and the people using it.
  7. Green-Man

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    Haha you make a good point but a walk behind blower just doesn't make sense for me at all
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  8. peahlybros.

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    Hey everyone,

    so update on the PB-770. It just recently **** the bed on us. Just past the two year warranty mark (conveniently). The service dealer said that the cylinders are marred do to dust getting in. It is really disappointing. If this is a commercial machine it NEEDS to be able to be operated in dusty conditions. We change the air filters regularly and it is ALWAYS stored inside.

    My light-duty husky blower has been running mint for the past 6 years and it isn't babied nearly as much as the Echo was. I am very frustrated with Echo and suggest NOBODY buys this.

    We just purchased a BR-600 and I will never buy an echo product again.
  9. unit28

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    Never had a "dust" issue with mine and it's
    going into season 4 with the same original air filter..... Which still looks near new btw.
    Been dry as an old dog bone here. Plenty of dust, 16 months of above temperatures and a severe drought

    I can hope we get rain soon, I'm so tired of the dirt boogers.
  10. Green-Man

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    No dis respect but if something like that happends you don't need to bash it you just so happen to get a bad one or something because there are people like unit28 who never had a problem with it no matter the conditions.
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