Echo PB250 Vs Stihl BG 86 Vs The Shindaiwa EB344

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kawasaki guy, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. kawasaki guy

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    Which is better, The Echo PB250, the Stihl BG 86, or the Shindaiwa EB344?
  2. Nutsedge

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    I have no personal experience any of the three but ill express my loyalty to Echo!
  3. zak406

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    I have a echo pb251 and even though I have not been happy with other echo products. This one truly is a good value. I beat the whit out of mine everyday and it keeps on going. I think there 150 at hd
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  4. WillsLandscape

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    I know this thread is rather old, but here is my insight anyways:

    I've had a PB-250 for about 6-7 months now, and it is a good blower. A BIG step up from the PB-200 we had before. It's a bit too cold blooded for what I like, I don't like having to stand there for 1-2 minutes with the choke almost totally closed just for it to warm up. It starts on the second pull for me every time. It's good on power and fuel.

    I've had the BG-86 for less than 12 hours, and absolutely LOVE it. So powerful, starts up quick, warms up quick, and just blows amazingly. I'd totally recommend the BG-86. And what's better, the "We're here now" state of mind when my dad and I were at the dealership is how we got it! Little to no convincing on my part to get the blower. Although I do wish I could've convinced him to get the BR-200... It was kind of hilarious, because he's only used the old Echo PB-400e's that are like 25 pounds, when I told him that the BR-200 was 12.6 he was like, "ooh!" But we went with the blower with the higher CFM/MPH. This is the one to get.

    I wouldn't get the Shindaiwa. Maybe we had a lemon, but our EB-212 (exact same as Echo PB-200, just red instead of gray) never ran right out of the box, and we got the Stihl to replace it because we've tried like 4 times cleaning and rebuilding the carb (I even put a different carb on and it still didn't run good at all) for it to still not run correctly. Needless to say, we haven't had good experiences with Shindaiwa.

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