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Echo PB260L or Husqvarna HUS-145 BT - blow wet leaves?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kwalliha, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. kwalliha

    kwalliha LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 2

    Hi all,
    Newbie here and appreciate all the great advice. Obviously by the models I have narrowed down, I have some price constraints here. Unfortunately, we moved into an area with HUGE oak trees and lotsa leaves. Will either of these blowers handle large piles of leaves, some of which might be wet underneath? Do I really need to go into the $400+ price range? DH might protest about that. Thanks for the help...
  2. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,667

    I have the 145 and it's great for my needs. Will take care of wet grass on the walks, and wet leaves in and around my shrubs. I've blown piles of dry leaves without issue but I'd suggest if you have regular large areas of heavy large wet Oak leaves step up to something stronger. Overall, I've been very happy with the blower and would recommend their line to anyone. After all, it's powered by Kawi so it should last quite awhile. You may want to look at the BT165. If not, Redmax, Stihl, Echo or even Solo would be my choice. Although, Redmax was acquired by Husqvarna recently so you may see some cross-mfg. going on within their handheld equipment.
  3. kwalliha

    kwalliha LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 2

    Thanks for the reply, dwost. I see at NW Power Tools, I can get the 165 for $339. Do you think the 165 is a lot more power than the 145? I was also thinking about a redmax 7000. I can get a used one on ebay for $300 or so. I'm just leary about buying used...
  4. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,667

    Yes, here are the specs you need to be concerned with.

    Air volume at housing 589 cfm
    Air volume at tube 340 cfm

    Air volume at housing 680 cfm
    Air volume at tube 530 cfm

    You should compare that to the Redmax and see how it compares
  5. byoung

    byoung LawnSite Member
    Messages: 33

    I would definately look into a Solo.

    471 has
    235 CFM: 720mph

    and the 472 has
    252 CFM: 865mph

    - both figures 'at the tube'

    Very, very nice piece of equipment... reasonably priced too. You can get great prices on factory recon. units too. ($299-350 or so) but even new, they are really a lot more competitively priced than the others. (379-425-ish) None of this constant criss/cross manufacture and recall nonsense either. I'm just hearing too much dissatisfaction generally around the bigger names. I like the idea of a smaller company that makes their own products...

    and recently I was doing a big job clearing some drains and swails with two (yes, two...) years of wet leaves built up and the 471 I was using did a fine job. Blew compacted wet leaves up and out of drainage ditches (and even a couple of rocks...) Had to kick one or two big piles to loosen them, but then no problem at all moving and lifting large clumps of wet, matted gunky leaves.

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