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Echo Pb603 Problem

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Yesterday the blower was running great. Today I noticed it idled fine, but at full power it was bogging to the point of almost stalling. I let off on the gas to keep it from stalling. I can get it to full power, but only briefly before bogging. Happened in the course of one day...I have a new air filter in it, original plug. Unit is 2-1/2 years old. Any one else out there experience a problem like this??
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I don't run a 603 but to trouble shoot

1st check for carbon build up in spark arrestor-a screen in the muffler. Clean and reinstall.

2nd Fuel cap vent - when it starts bogging loosen the fuel cap and see if that makes it recover-if yes, replace fuel cap.

3rd High speed fuel mixture-sound like it could be too lean

4th for $2 I'd replace the plug too
I am hesitant to change the mixture because the problem came on so suddenly. Will try the fuel cap thing in the morning and try a new plug and gas filter.
Your spark arrestor is clogged, its happened to me numerous times.
Originally posted by dmk395
Your spark arrestor is clogged, its happened to me numerous times.
Do you have an echo 603? I tried to remove the screen on mine a few weeks back, and it was apparently welded in. Was yors welded in place too? In this case, does that require the purchase of a new muffler?

Strawbridge Lawn, i cant offer any ideas, but please share what fixes it when you figure it out.
Pulled cover off and removed the screws from the spark arrestor cover. Inner screen was clean. Don't think that is the problem.
But thanks. Getting a new plug this morning and will let you know if it was fouled.
If you go to the dealer ask if they have the re-power kit. I believe it contains fuel filter, air filter, and plug.

Also check the exhaust port and combustion chamber for excess carbon build up. Take off muffler or plug to look.

It's most likely the gas cap. That unit vents through the cap and when it is plugged the blower will do exacltly what you said it was doing.

Replace the gas cap!

PS...The PB-603 is a great blower! I had one till the PB-650 came out.
Your choke might not be opening all the way. I had that happen on a trimmer I have. First check the gas cap though.
All Echo gas caps are SEALED. No vent in them.

The vent is a seperate hose coming out of the fuel tank, and it has a small plastic vent at the end of it.

I would guess plug first, then carbon buildup. Though, carbon buildup on blowers is RARE, as we always operate them WOT, and this keeps them clean.

But that screen could have clogged, and in any event it shouldn't go back in.

If the 603 has mixture screws, they can become loose and move a bit causing this. Now all new 2 cycles have SEALED carbs with idle speed being the ONLY adjustment.

Good Luck!

Echo backpack blowers do vent through the gas cap!

Ask your local dealer if you don't believe is a common problem.

Problem has been fixed. Was not the plug either, but the fuel filter. The fuel filter sets at the bottom of the tank and is accessed by removing the rubber gromet that the feed line and the vacum line passes through. You cannot pull it through that hole rather you must fish it out through the fill cap to replace.

Thanks for all your help.
Glad you got it fixed. I don't remember ever having surging due to plugged fuel filter. But thats trouble shooting, its always the last thing you do that fixes it.
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