Echo PE-200 Stick Edger Gearbox Repair

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ewilly, May 6, 2010.

  1. ewilly

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    Parts diagram:

    Page 24

    I am trying to replace the PTO shaft, #15 in the above PDF, and starting to bang my head against the wall. It looks like i have to pull out the gear that the shaft interfaces with (right hand side, #2). However there is a circlip that won't come out (#3). This circlip is tiny, and there is no room in the gearbox housing to fit my snap ring pliers in. Does anyone know of a trick to get this NO HOLE style circlip out? I've been trying different screwdrivers and small tools to no avail for over an hour.

    That or if you can get that shaft out without messing with the input side of the gearbox, please tell me how to get those damn bearings out - they don't even wiggle a little bit ;)

    I'm about ready to admit defeat with that shaft :drinkup:
  2. dutch1

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    It has been a few years since I did one of those but as I recall I had to use a right angle pick to get under one of the ends. Once you get one of the ends lifted you should be able to get a straight pick under the end, then you should be able to continue to lift with the right pick. Slowly but surely it should come out.

    I never did this operation in a shop envoirnment because it just wasn't cost effective for the customer. I don't recall the parts cost on the Echo stuff but on a Shindiawa, the cost of the guts +labor was nearly equal to the cost of a new gearbox.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have a PE200 that had the gear box replaced along with the carb recently and it still will hardly run. This thing is so weak (since brand new) that it will barely go through hot butter. I finally junked mine out and will replace it with a different brand. Hope yours turns out good. I still have the whole gear box/head assembly off mine that they said was bad and the new one made zero difference. If you were close would give it to you already assembled.
  4. GlynnC

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    I modified the longest snap ring plier set that I could find, then ground everything I could off the sides (down close to the "hinge pin") using a bench grinder. This allowed it to fit deeper in to allow it to grip the ring. Works great--and ended months of searching for just the right tool.
  5. ewilly

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    Ok got that annoying snap ring out of there finally with some picks (thanks Dutch!), but I think now I am about to cut my losses and junk the thing for a new gearbox or just get a Shindy attachment for my m242. I CANNOT get either the input or PTO shaft out of the damn gearbox! (let alone the bearings)

    Any tricks before I give up on this thing? I ordered $50 (shipped) worth of parts for this to fix it, I'm so irritated that I can't fix it and wasted that money. :cry:

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