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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob Minney, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Is anyone using an Echo PPT230 or PPT260.
    I'm wondering if the telescoping feature is a weak point.
    Any other maintenance issues with them.
    I plan on using with a saw/pruner head and the articulating hedge trimmer also.
  2. fblandscape

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    I have got the HT75 which is another telescopic pole saw. As far as the extension being a weak point.. it is. If you are going to use this type of pole saw, also keep a manual saw handy for when you get your gas one pinched. You have VERY little pulling power with it, the extension will come out! It's not TOO bad to put back in... but it's not any picnic either. What are you going to be using it on?
  3. captken

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    I've got the ppt 2400. Extends to 18 ft. Gets a little heavy. I make the first cut, then position the chain where I want to make the final cut, gravity does the rest. Maint. is the same as for string trimmers. As for gearbox, [remove plug insert grease fitting] Do this on my Shindawi stringtrimmers too.
    Ever remove, sharpen and tighten a chainsaw chain? No different. Use the strap, helps take the weight off and gives more control when working. Has an oil tank for chain oiling, mine is adjustable [early model] Yes, you will pinch the chain bar [in tree] at some point and need another saw to get it free.
    [Manual pole saw]
    The adjustable sections are infinetly adjustable with a knob. Mine works very good. The sections can be removed, but will not seperate unless you tear it down. Unit came with complete parts manual [exploded diagrams] and complete owners manual to tell you how to assemble/disassembe. I want to upgrade mine to the new style gear head and add the articulated hedge trimmer attachment.
    Parts manual and owners manual for all models are downloadable at the echo web site.
    I have pulled back on mine hard and had no problems. The sections are well braced when extended. Pole will flex some but is not a weak point as I assume it is on the Stihl HT75 mentioned.
    I demoed the Sthil, the Echo seems better designed and more rugged.
    Not to knock Sthil, My other saw is the .026 pro.
    The best saw I ever owned.
    Got the 85pro edger and HS 45 hedge trimmer. All top notch.
    I just feel like Echo makes the best pole pruner.
  4. SWD

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    I have the Echo PPT260. Quite simply, it is a rugged, dependable, well thought out, although heavy, power pruner.
    Some of the trimming I do is on extremely steep slopes, and I have fallen, have had limbs come back on me, had the machine drop over 20 feet, eseentially the worst operating conditions imaginable. Always starts, always cuts. Glad I purchased it.
  5. fblanandscape
    I will be using it most often to shear formal hedges and occasional pruning. Hoping this will save a lot of ladder time, seems that it would be much more efficient, safer too.

    I think my biggest concern was the drive system and how it wears. I do my own repairs on chainsaws, line and hedge trimmers ,so I'm sure I can do the repairs (at least I like to think so) just wondering if I need to plan on it being a high maintenance tool.

    Thanks everybody
  6. Piedmont Lawn

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    Guy's I have been thinking about a pole pruner with a hedge trimmer on the end of it for taking care of bank in front of dad's home. It's around 20' high and 160' long. the bank is difficult to stand on and has been a pita for years. Normal maintenance has been a weed sling and line trimmer several times a year, blow leaves over it in the fall and burn it off in the spring. It is rocky and not much will grow on it except weeds and vines.

    Would one of these things work for that type of area, it is easy to walk along the top and from the bottom it's just the middle 6' or 7' that's out of reach of the line trimmer. It's not fun trying to maintain your balance and keep from sliding back down while holding a sling or trimmer........


  7. fblandscape

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    Bob, maintenance wise I don't think they are a big deal besides regular stuff. If I was you though I would check into the extended hedge shears though. I, personally would NOT want to be using the pole saw for extended amounts of time where a lot of detail is needed.
  8. captken

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    I agree with that! I do not believe it possible to trim hedges at the max. extend.
    To use it as a saw you use gravity and let the saw chain work, Just lay it on the branch and nail the throttle. Gravity plus the teeth cutting pulls the saw through the wood DOWN!
    To use this thing as a hedge trimmer [sic.] in it's max. extended position would be a constant strain on you fighting gravity, you couldn't maintain precision.
    LOA with the pole collapsed is 108" [9']
    LOA fully extended is 264". [22' with extra section installed]
    I carry the thing balanced on my shoulder.
    It seems to weigh about 18lbs. with the extra extension installed.
    To use it frequently I would attempt to remove all the shaft extentions and store them so that you would use only the one extension [with the gearhead attachment] riding inside the main tube.
    You would then have a articulated hedge trimmer of 9' LOA.
    Still long, but managable if you adjusted the shoulder strap and didn't plan on using it all day.
  9. Well I went ahead and got the ppt260, just came in last week. Was time to replace hedge trimmers so I ordered everything at same time. Pole saw is very nice, got to use it a bit on storm damage. Got the articulated hedge trimmer attachment also but haven't tried it yet.
    Nice to use the new hedge trimmers also, hadn't notice how tired the engine on the old one had gotten over the years.

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