Echo SRM-210 Trimmer Review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by punk_rockin2001, May 11, 2008.

  1. punk_rockin2001

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    Hey lawnsiters. Yesterday I bought an Echo SRM-210 trimmer, and I thought I would share my opinion for anyone that might care. I purchased it from Home Depot for $219. The 21.2cc engine seemed incredibly small and I made sure that I could return the unit if it wasn't what I wanted. The entire unit is very very light, and the cushioned handles are awesome for comfort and anti-vibration. I tested it out on a patch of 8 inch grass, and a very thick 6-8 inch patch of clover that my neighbors were kind enough to lend to me ;-) Oh and it had just stopped raining also. The trimmer started up on the third pull, and I let it warm up for about 5 minutes since it had never been started before. Then I went to work, and it was just awesome. It cut through extremely evenly and quickly. I could easily cut everything down to bare earth w/out even trying if I wanted to. (which I did want to in one spot just to see if I could) The trimming along a fence row, and around trees was effortless. The Echo websites one liner for the unit says "Straight shaft trimmer is perfect for medium-duty commercial applications." And that is exactly right. I suppose if you were trying to cut down 2 foot tall weeds, and lots of them you might need more trimmer, but I, along w/probably 90% of us, do not do that regularly, if ever. I am a very small operator, w/20 weekly accounts, and I am very confident in this trimmer to do more than what I need. Hope this helps someone out there! Now bring on the "you need at least 25cc's or more to cut a weed" comments.
  2. slone

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    i have one of those not a bad little trimmer. i just bought a echo srm210sb (split boom) on saturday. i will try it out on monday. my echo srm 2601 just took a dive on thursday. it went clink and shutoff and siezed up. not bad for 8 years of reliable service. i want to add some attachments like the hedge trimmer and cultivater for the split boom
  3. js.lawn

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    I have 6 and never had a problem with them love emm light and run great
  4. yungman

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    How many hours do you have on those little engines?
  5. Mowingman

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    Where do you plan on getting it repaired when it needs fixed? It will need work sometime. H.D. will have it sent off and you will be lucky to get it back in 2 or 3 weeks.
    I doubt your local Echo, independent dealer, will care much about getting your machine fixed quickly, since you undercut him by buying at H.D.
  6. Green Finger

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    Wow.... I hope it works out for you. I run all echo (commercial) I Need something with a little bit more power.
  7. js.lawn

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    you all talk alot of bull s#%$ its the same damn trimmer you would buy at a dealer look it up and find it out yourself same numbers same everything and the dealer sells it for the same damn price and info poeple i didnt buy them from depo cheapo there from my dealer where even they say its the same trimmer they sell now most of the stuff you buy from depot is not the same
  8. js.lawn

    js.lawn LawnSite Member
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    2 are about three years old and there still running like there new
  9. XterraJohn

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    I occasionally like to use mine one-handed, by holding it in my right hand and letting the engine come up and rest against my the bottom of my elbow to keep the machine level. Now I've worn a hole in the sparkplug wire and it zaps me if I try to do this. If I buy another trimmer, having the sparkplug located elsewhere or covered by an access panel is on my list of stuff to want.
  10. I just bought one of those from Home Depot as well and the way the carb is tuned from the factory is quite a bit on the rich side and just does run decent at wide open throttle. I already looked for the carb adjustment screws and hopefully they are hidden under the air filter somewhere. It does start easy enough and the bump feed head works well. The soft foam handles are comfortable and I wish my Husqvarna 323L had those soft handles and I wish the Echo had more and smoother power like the Husqvarna. The main reason I bought the Echo was for the 5 year warranty.

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