Echo SRM-210 won't start, tried everything I can think of

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PatrickGSR94, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Patriot Services

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    Cleaning out those carbs is dirt simple and worth the effort. If nothing else you will learn something. Don't listen to the dopes that just want you to throw it away and buy new. Crapsman or weedeater, sure junk it. Echo's are very serviceable.
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  2. PatrickGSR94

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    Cool thanks for the help (almost) everyone. :) Will report back after I get the rebuild kit installed hopefully by next weekend at the latest.
  3. lawdawg

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    You can do it. Be patient and you will get it clean and running like a new one!!!
  4. Oli

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    Check out 3 part video by "smallengineshop" on You Tube. Very good instruction on rebuilding a Zama rotary barrel carb.
  5. Outlawn

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    Chill out, dude. Not everyone on here has a $100K+/year business. For some it's better, cheaper, and more efficient to fix stuff ourselves.
    It's cool to put your 2 cents in, but don't be an A-hole.
  6. PatrickGSR94

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    Oh sweet, I'll check it out.
  7. Oli

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    Before you rebuild the carb, check the price on a new carb. Depending on the price difference, you might elect to just replace it. Keep in mind that rebuilding a carb doesn't always work. Pay attention to the assembly order of the diaphragms and gaskets. Review post by weldguy, "redmax trimmer runs better upside down". There were very good instructions on how to adjust the carb.
  8. echoman8

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    One of the most overlooked diagnosis of 2 cycle engines is damage on the lower end of the cylinder. The engine can have "like new" compression (determined by the top end of the cylinder) but not receive fuel because the lower part of the engine is essentially the fuel pump on these small 2 cycle engines.

    Reinspect the cylinder through the exhaust port while shining a light thru the spark plug hole or better yet, remove the cylinder. Pay particular attention to the edges of the ports on the cylinder.

    You could check my earlier posts (echoman8) which I have covered this in detail. There should be no gray spots (especially near the transfer ports on the cylinder) nor even minor scratches near the ports.
  9. PatrickGSR94

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    man if only my grandfather were still with us, he could have this thing up and running in a jiffy. :(
  10. PatrickGSR94

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    Started working on the Echo's carb today. After I got into it I discovered that this RB-5 carb kit contains none of the correct components for my RB-5 carb. The only parts that would fit were the metering diaphragm and gasket. Everything else I had to reuse the original parts to put it back together. And of course it still doesn't start, but at this point I'm not sure if it would start even with the correct components of the rebuild kit.




    ^^^ Original parts/gasket shown on the right below the carb, and the new gaskets are on the left - as you can see none of them match the shape of the original.

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