Echo SRM-210 won't start, tried everything I can think of

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PatrickGSR94, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Hello. I'm still Chilling, but your experience mirrors my own. I'm sure you have learned a lot about these carbs, but my point in my earlier post is that it is not economically practical to spend much on the repair of this type of equipment. You said in an earlier post you had at least 20 hours of your time on this equipment. I bet at minimum wage plus parts your have $250 invested in this. I hope you get it running, but even if you do you have a lot invested in a used piece of equipment.
    My equipment is in nice shape, fairly new and starts and runs well not because I have extra money to throw about but just the opposite. I can't afford equipment that is giving me problems.
    I do completely understand the "I'm not going to let it beat me" attitude tho.
  2. PatrickGSR94

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    OMG the POS recoil starter spring just broke AGAIN!!!! The one I just replaced 18 months ago! arghhhhhhhhh that's another $46 plus the carb meaning if I replace all this it will have cost me over $100.
  3. PatrickGSR94

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    Wasn't me, it was someone else who said that. I might have 20 hours or more in it. But this is my own time, doing DIY stuff, and I don't really put a price on time spent fixing something if it saves real cash dollars in the long run.

    I spent a week overhauling the A/C in my wife's 230K mile Corolla last summer after it went out. Cost me around $300 total in parts and refrigerant (free equipment rental), where a shop could have easily charged $1K for the job but had it finished in a day or two. That's real monetary savings to me because I was able so spend money on other things would have gone to labor charges at the shop.
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    Now your getting to the point of not fiscally worth it. At least you weren't trying to finish your route when the recoil broke. That's Sucktown on a Friday.:usflag:
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    Patrick I am sorry about the trouble. Sounds like MY luck. You can part the thing out on Ebay and recoup some/all the monies you have invested and maybe invest in a cheap used one from Craigs List or pawn shop...or go whole hog and get a new one. I have seen the curved shaft ones at Home Depot for under 200, but that was months ago. Remember, they have a 5 year homeowner warranty.
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    I'm the one who said I had 20 hours in it--and I'm a lot like Patrick--I fix my own equip., plus working on these little 2-strokes has somewhat become my hobby. If I have something laying around that doesn't run right, I'm just "pullled" to it--you know it's sorta the principle of not wanting to have equip. that doesn't work. I guess I need to learn that a "boneyard pile" really needs to be just that--not equip. that can be brought to life again!!!! We've had a really dry summer here in Tennessee--not much mowing and trimming to do at the moment, gotta stay busy or the boss (wife) will put me to work.
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    You can take it to a lawn equipment store and get them to replace it if you dont feel like doing it yourself
  8. GlynnC

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    Not exactly sure how this fits into this thread. Taking non working equip to a shop is always an option--but in the case of older equip., shop rates quickly add up to more than the equip is worth. It may happen at some point, but I've yet to take any of my equip in to have serviced at a shop--do it myself.
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    Great first post!:dizzy:
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    Me too....I never take anything to the shop for repairs...
    I just keep messing with it until it runs...
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