echo srm-2100 worth fixing??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TML, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. TML

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    I got the above trimmer free from a home owner that was cleaning out his garage. It has not been run in 5+ years but was put away empty w/ no fuel. It is stamped for CA emissions 1995-1998 so I'm guessing it is a late 1990's?

    It appears in good shape, no cracks in the plastic, none of the rubber or padding on the grips are worn off, the grease in the head is full and looks OK.

    The primer bulb was dry and cracked and I replaced that along w/ a new plug. All the fuel lines appear fine no dry rot that I can tell. I sprayed a bunch of carb cleaner in the carb and around the unit to clean it up.

    I got it to start and then run but when applied full throttle it would only run %50 at best. As I was playing with the carb adjustments and trying again the starter rope pulled out and when I took it off the recoil spring came flying out.

    Were these decent machines I hear the older Echo's were much better then the current versions? Is this worth spending another $30-$50 in parts or should I not even bother. I would imagine bringing it to a dealer would be $100-$150 half the cost of a new one. It actually feels like a nice balanced machine a good back up (possibly):)
  2. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    I he a srm210 and I love it
  3. windflower

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    Sounds like an easy fix. What size line is on the head? The 2100 has a small engine, large diameter line will really slow it down.
  4. herler

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    Probably a good winter project, from what you've described I'm not quite ready to trash it.
  5. austins35

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    .02 yes replace the gas lines an grommet(they're cheap online or at home depot, clean the carb, clean the plug with toilet bowl cleaner the cheap stuff works great (The Works from wally world), run sea foam thru the machine, giggle
  6. TML

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    I just threw on some .95 crossfire.
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  7. ed2hess

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    Might want to take the carb apart and clean it. If it started once that is a good sign.
  8. TML

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    Thank you all, I fixed the recoil spring myself by rewinding it, learned how from YouTube. I also took off the screen from the muffler. I got it running again and ran it full throttle for a couple mins while adjusting the carb to get the rpm up. As soon as I let off the gas it quit. It ran with no smoke. The recoil spring stripped out again so Im going to buy a new recoil spring starter assembly.
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  9. ed2hess

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    Be sure the white plastic rope pulley is not worn allowing spring to get up on the edges. Remember the needle closest to the engine block is for the low rpm so that one might need a CCW turn to give more gas/
  10. TML

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    Thank you very much, I was not sure what way to turn the low needle, and it appears the pulley is worn, Im going to get a new recoil spring, rope and pulley. They are all only a few dollar parts.
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