Echo SRM 260 S adjusting carburetor

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    I'm attempting to figure out where the "hidden" adjuster screw is on the Echo SRM 260 Trimmer. The 3rd post in this thread says this;

    "Most of my echos have a little screw on the back side of the carb its covered up with a plastic insert, now take a little screw and start it to pull the plastic insert out and the flat head screw is there, stick your screw driver in and run the machine wide open and adjust left or right till it runs good I have to do this to all mine. "

    I'm trying to figure out where this "back side of the carb" is located!??? Logically speaking the "front side of the carb would be the side facing the engine and the back side would be the side where the aircleaner/choke assembly bolts on. Now it makes no sense to me that one would have to take that aircleaner/choke assembly off to access this "magical" adjuster screw WHILE the machine is running!!????

    Any ideas or pictures or ??? that can help me better comprehend this adjuster screw location!??

    Many thanks in advance if you can share some of your tech knowledge on this subject!!!
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    For some reason, I'm new to this website, there is no "edit" button on my post above.

    After some additional searching on the subject of " Echo SRM260 carburetor adjustment " I found another thread on this website with the info I was seeking. That info was how to locate and adjust the high speed mixture screw on my currently problematic SRM260.

    Info link;

    On this page post #13(link to pictures) and then post #15 (explaining what to look for) really helped me to locate the very obscure high speed adjustment screw. Thanks soooo much to the people that made these two posts and I'll post up some pictures later that will provide additional visual help.

    It's late and very serene outside.........I don't want to disturb my neighbors with the starting and adjusting of the carb on the SRM260. Just sooo happy to finally have found the location, removed the plastic plug and made an initial adjustment. The adjustment consisted of screwing the adjustment screw out about 1/2 of a turn to see if that might make a difference/dislodge any crud that might be blocking the passage. In the morning I'll start it up and see if anything has changed and continue the quest to get it running strong again!!
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    After my dealer assured me there was no adjustment on the SRM 260S carburetor, I rebuilt it twice, and finally replaced it, without seeing the small hole with the adjustment screw. I finally gave up using it until the above post that said where the adjustment was. A simple mixture adjustment made it start and run great.
    Many thanks for the information.
    Charles Ranheim
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    That's great, Charles, that you got your carb issue resolved with the info found on this website. I can also 'Echo' your success story as I just came in from running my SRM260 after going thru the saga of chasing the problem of no off-idle performance. After removing the plastic plug hiding the high-speed adjustment screw I went ahead and set the adjustment at 1.5 turns out just for a baseline starting point. I also went ahead and gutted the catalytic element out of the muffler and opened up the muffler exit port for better exhaust flow. I've done this on numerous of my chainsaws with notable performance gains.

    It's amazing.......I bought this SRM260 back in the spring of 2007 and have ran it a fair amount over the past 5+ years. Nothing close to commercial usage but just taking care of my acre+ country property and my wife's home(small lot in town). This is the STRONGEST this tool has ever ran since new..........I am truly happy with the current operating status of my SRM260!!
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    Finally got the pictures uploaded to they are.

    Overall location to start finding the hi-speed adjustment screw in the purple circle;



    Extracting the nylon plug;

    Well here is the elusive nylon block-off plug that hides the high-speed adjustment screw;

    There are some nylon chips inside the hole but there is a slotted adjustment screw in there. I gently seated it and then backed it out 1.5 turns.
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    Old to the thread, but tks alot for the pics to find the elusive plug, helped out greatly
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    If you were referencing the pictures in my post above yours you are very welcome!! Between the muffler modification and the hi-speed carb adjustment my SRM260 is running better than it did when it was brand new!!
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    I agree I still got 5 in service the guys love the lower weight. Sadly most Echo owners never figure it out.

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