Echo stick Edgers sold out at Home Depot

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jahbp, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. jahbp

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    I notice a lot of lawn services are buying the $199.00 stick edger from Home Depot this year I wonder why? Will they last one season for a small lawn service?
  2. escient

    escient LawnSite Member
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    Get the one with the steel guard - the one you're talking about has the plastic guard... Get the PE-230 - and you should be able to buy it locally for $269

    And yes, they do last. I have 3 - all for 3 years... used daily.

    For as much use as an edger gets, it boggles my mind why people pay so much more for Stihl. A good friend of mine has 3 Stihl's he spent $425 each on - 2 are in the shop right now.

    The difference? Engine size. Stihl (for example) generally has more power... But if you keep up with the edging, the extra power serves no other purpose than eating up fuel.
  3. CFB

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    ^ Yes but how are you going to edge something that hasn't been edged in years with that echo. I wouldn't mind a little echo for weekly edging, but if I'm going to have 1 edger (which I do) it's going to be powerful enough to do any job (which it is).
  4. Uranus

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    LOL. I just borrowed my friend's echo 200 edger that he bought from the depot. Edged a long front door sidewalk and it took forever. I just bought the echo pas 265 yesterday and used it at my house. I have not edged my sidewalk in 8 years! Fired up the 265 and flew through it. The unit never even labored. I had to let up on the throttle so it would not rev up to much.
  5. escient

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    Bill accordingly...

    I got a lady yesterday who stopped me to edge her walkway and sidewalk. I do a lawn 3 doors down from her.. 100 feet of sidewalk and walkway - $95.

    Man it sucked.. Way overgrown.. took me almost 45 minutes with my crappy Echo... but I made $95 in 45 minutes.

    How did I get her? I told her it was gonna take 45 minutes - she said - "but it only take you 20 to mow her entire lawn!" I said, "yes, ma'am, but I also edge her lawn every week. Notice how you're missing 12 inches of sidewalk?

    When she saw me "slaving" on her edging, she understood. Try and get $95 out of someone with an edger that will "cut right through" and take you 5 minutes.

    I love those kinds of customers... Not only did I save $200 on an edger - I got an easy $95 (well, except for the .75 worth of fuel and oil it took to run)

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