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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingtowing, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. mowingtowing

    mowingtowing LawnSite Member
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    Is it possible to temporally convert my SRM 261 or 2601 to a pole hedge trimmer by removing the trimmer head and putting on a hedge trimmer head? I dont do enough hedge trimming to purchase a pole hedge trimmer right now. I just want to know if anyone has done that and if it is worth the trouble.
  2. AboveTheCut

    AboveTheCut LawnSite Member
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    i have the srm260s which has the steel shaft, not the cable. i know you can do this with stihls that have the steel shaft but nobody seems to know about echo.
  3. Propstruk

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    from South
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    Yes, you can do this. I have an ECHO SHC-210 which I took the cutter off of and mated to an older Husqvarna trimmer that I had. Works great!

    The cutter head had a shim in it so that it would fit tight on the 210's shaft. I had to remove that inorder for it to fit the weedeater shaft.
  4. paponte

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    Yes, you can. :)
  5. mowingtowing

    mowingtowing LawnSite Member
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    from what i heard, the 261T has a flexiable shaft, much like the pole hedge trimmers. Where could/should I go about getting a hedge trimmer head? I seem to be having a hard time finding them in any parts catalogs. Should I just go to my echo dealer and have them order me a head?

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