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Ok, so admittedly over the winter things didn't get started much and with warm weather here... my phone is ringing and there's a reason to start these babies up again.

So, I changed gas lines, fuel filter, fuel line vent, spark plugs & 3 grommets on all my echo line equipment.

ha ha... well not so funny but the funny thing is ALL 3 of them are doing the same thing.

They start fine.

Run fine.

The edger & string trimmer stay running but the ends rotate so slow it doesn't do much to the grass or edge line...

The hedge clippers start, runs & when I accelerate it dies on me. If I let it run the blades slowly move back and forth and when I accelerate it dies.

I took off the little screen thing on the hedge clipper since it was pretty rusted and cleaned the 2 on the string trimmer & edger...

Any thoughts?

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Probably just, you gotta run them for 20-30 minutes, get the kinks out,
also a bit of lube like Wd-40 in some of the moving parts might help.

Probably they all need an air filter?
Especially if they sat outside, I can almost guarantee that...

Beyond that, take a quick whiff of the fuel, careful that stuff knock you stupid but maybe it's gone stale...
If it has, the easy "recycling" trick is to dump the 2-cyclers content into a near
full 2.5 gallon tank of mix fuel, shake the big tank around a bit then refill.
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