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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Pallas, May 23, 2001.

  1. Jason Pallas

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    A quick question for any mechanics - when removing the clutch on the echo power units, how does the actual clutch assembly come off from the crankshaft/flywheel? From what it looks like - it appears to be threaded on. Is this right? Is it a reverse thread or a right hand thread? Or does it come off some other way? I don't need to take it off now - however, I'm sure I will need to sometime in the future and I'd like to find out ahead of time. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Jason Pallas

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  3. sdwally

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    First, I have no experience on echo. However on most other brands the clucth is located under the housing that the shaft is attached to. Four screws normal holds it on to the power head(engine). When you split this on the engine side you will have the flywheel with the clutch assy. Usually 2 clutch pads and 1 spring attached by two bolts. No need to pull the flywheel. Just remove the two bolts and replace the clutch pads and spring. Remember the direction the pads are facing, if the pads are put in backwards it will not work. Normally on the pads there will be an arrow indicating the direction of rotation, a slow pull(don't pull hard enough to start) on your starter cord will confirm direction of rotation. If line trimmers chatter while at idle, it is a sign that a new clucth is needed.
    On the boom side is located the clutch drum. Normally to remove the clutch drum you have to remove the shaft from the housing. There should be a snap ring on the shaft side to remove the clutch drum from the bearings. If it is not accessible then there should be two slots in the clutch drum to access a snap ring or screws to release the bearings from the housing. Clutch drums only need to be removed if they are warped(due to excessive heat) or to replace the bearings.
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    I've been using Echo trimmers and edgers for over 12 years but I've never had to replace a clutch assy. Seems like the actual clutches last forever. The springs that are attached to the clutches are another story. Echo, in their infinate wisdom, has decided not to sell the springs that attach to the clutches. All they'll sell is a complete clutch assy. which costs about $30. All you'll ever need is 2ea .50 cent springs. Go to a local car dealer and ask the parts dept for a couple of springs to a car distributor. They work fine and cost less than $1

    P.S. The clutch assy is screwed on with a left handed thread.
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    Hey guys thanks a million for the advice. I really appreciate it! This is one of the things that makes Lawnsite.Com so darn great. I haven't had to break the engine down that far yet - but since we just switched over to Echo equipment - I know the day is comming and I just wanted to know how to do it in advance - THANKS AGAIN!

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