Echo trimmer? Pb 230 or 266?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by PabsMaster, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    Next year, I plan to add a partner to the business. To make sure we get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I want to get an other trimmer, to make sure one of us is never doing nothing. Their can be a lot of brush in the areas that I mow and I don't feel like taking the ZTR in where I can risk damaging it. (steep hills, debris, objects that need trimming, etc...) That said, I want to have a Echo trimmer and be able to put both a straight shaft and a brush cutter attachment. The Pro Attachment Series seems perfect. Yet I don't want a lack of power. Would the 230 be fine? Or should I go for the more powerful 266? (FYI It is VERY dusty where I mow.)


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    If I was going to get one that would see a brush cutter I'd go to the PAS-280 then the PAS-266, have a pole pruner that has the same power head as the 266 and it is a nice running unit. Having said that I have 2 regular SRM-230's and 1 PAS-230 and all do what I need done without a problem. Don't get into the thick stuff that often.
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    Up to a point where it gets too heavy more power is always better. Both units are fine on weight. For some uses you would want more power than the 230 perhaps. You just wind up revving it less and it may last longer.

    If you already have an identical unit I find buying multiples of the same unit helps down the line as you can use old trimmers for parts on newer ones. I have a graveyard of old Echo trimmers in the shop. From recoil mechanisms to prime bulbs or entire carburators, you can save a little on parts.

    Be sure to use the proper octane fuel with echos, my newer ones have been very sensitive to that.

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