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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tc2, Apr 28, 2005.

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    I have a GT-1100 Echo trimmer that I'm guessing is around 10 years old. It was used by a homeowner until last summer when I began to use it to mow about 8 yards a week. Within the last week though, it has developed a problem. When I start it up, I immediately have to let go of the throttle or it will cut off. Then even after idling for about 10-15 seconds, it still cuts off. The second time I start it up, I again have to release the throttle, let it idle, and then very slowly increase the throttle until it gets to its maximum RPM. I just cleaned the air filter last week, so it shouldn't be anything wrong with the filter, but I am somewhat new to repairing my equipment (I usually take it to the dealer and have him fix it) so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Im not quite sure how your model compares to mine but Im assuming they are built on the same format.

    1) has the spark plug been cleaned/replaced?
    2) Is the spark arrestor screen stopped up, these will cause all kinds of runability problems?
    3) Have you tried adjusting the 2 screws on the carb, one is for smooth acceleration and the other is for full throttel/under load. (I had to adjust both of these on mine today, was doing same thing yours was)
    4)Another thing I discovered about Echo is they do NOT like el-cheapo wal-mart 2 cycle oil. Also mine requires 93 octane fuel and I run echo oil only.
    5) last of all, at 10 years old may need a carb rebuild.

    Im no tech but after years of owning Echo these are things I learned about them.
  3. tc2

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    Thanks for the help! I went to the echo dealer today and got a carb rebuild kit. The service man was able to give me diagrams and a quick explanation of how to rebuild the carb. So, I've rebuilt the carb now. I also cleaned the spark plug and the spark arrestor screen. After that, I was able to readjust the 2 screws on the carb. Its working great now. Thanks for the help!

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