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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Carolinalady, May 6, 2001.

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    I purchased an Echo 3100 trimmer at a yard sale, no manual and would like to know how to change the string om it. How do I remove the spool? There doesn't seem to be any way to open the bottom of it. I will order the manual soon but if someone could help me, I could at least start using it. I just don't want to break it while trying to remove the spool. Thank You
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    Twist the bottom of the bump spool to the right while holding the top of the head from spinning. When it unlocks (about 1/4 turn) pull the bump spool off and respool with line. It helps to keep the line adjacent and straight (not cross over itself) and once it is wound, pull the ends of the line through the 2 cutouts in the spool. pull the line ends through the eyelets in the head and push the spool up and 1/4 twist to the left.

    I saw this on the homeowners assistance forum. It is difficult to explain and visualize---I'm sure if you take it to your local dealer they will show you how if you buy a spool of trimmer line and some 2 stroke mix from them.


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    Take the bump knob facing you, hold the head & turn the bump knob counter clockwise it should turn just a little (maybe 1/2 inch, you will feels it unlock) then pull bump knob straight off the head. There is two holes in there on bump knob that have little knobs sticking out. Butt don't worry about them know?

    Ok, then take about 18 feet of trimmer line (.095) put it through the little eye or ring in the center of the spool pull your line half the way through there. Then hold line between yo index finger & thumb. With the bumb knob in your right hand & you are facing the opposite of the bump knob rotate it counter clock wise not letting the line cross. It's ok to drop it I've done it once out of 5,802 times. LOL :)

    Then when you get down to the last foot or so take the line closest to the knotch facing you & put it in the little knotch in the edge of the spool (they is there to just help hold the line in place only) & then turn half turn & do the same for other line. Keep the line a little tight when you place in the knotches!

    Take the white round piece that the bump knob attaches too & line up the 2 little knubs that stick out & line them up with the 2 holes that the line goes through on the head. Push it in & then turn the bump knob clock wise to lock it in place. Then pull on line till you feel it come out of the little knotch holders.

    Now did you do it right? Shoot I don't know? With the bump knob facing you grab both pieces of line with hands & take your thumbs & press on bump knob & pulling on line at same time if it partically turns & advances line. Walla you gots it right!

    Now take the line pull lightly on it & cut even with the cutter on yo shield. Make sure both lines are same length. Oh No you don't have a cutter or guard, well take the line pull on it around the head & where it meets the other line coming out of the head & cut it? Doos the same for both.

    Wear some kind of protection on your eyeballs & it's ok to say yes sometimes?

    Hopefully I told you right & if not, well I'm a practicing lawn service person & I can not be liable fo my actions! :)

    BTW: If I's wrong somebody else take a shot at it?

    Now that wasn't to bad was it?
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    Great instructions above, if you are still unsure or having problems give me a call. I'm on the Outer Banks too.I'd be happy to help you....441-7000 Atlantic Lawn and Landscaping just ask for Steve.
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    Great advice from the others who replied. But if you are still confused just go to Home Depot and find a new head and look on the back of the package for the instructions.
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