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echo trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tlg675, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. mklawnman

    mklawnman LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 634

    Hey 1grnlwn
    I have a new Echo Trimmer bought it this past spring at home depot. So i bet it has something to do with those CARB regulations this year, i see your in Central Illinois and im guessing you have reformulated gas too. Ive heard that the reformulated gas eats away at the two cycle motors. We had a Homelite Trimmer before this and it was only three years old and found out that the rubber tubing in the gas tank going to the carb was all eaten away, dealer told us that its the reformulated gas that eats away at that stuff. Though im not totally sure on that. We have also had problems of carb's gumming up alot more when the two cycle engines sit for a long time. Hate reformulated gas.
  2. dlandscaping

    dlandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from mass
    Messages: 835

    i am sick of my echo trimmer. it was my first commercial trimmer and it is the pro attachment series. the hole setup with hedge trimmer and edger and trimmer was about 700 or so, so it was a big investment. i had so much trouble with the string and head last year i never used it much. this year out of 26 or so mowings i have used it 8 days thats all. the gas leaks out the air reserve or something, the head doesnt fit right. today it took 15 pulls to start it all primed and it hasnt been sitting. then i pulled trigger, had to wait about 5 min for it to warm up enough to pull the trigger. then i tapped the head to get more string. 1 side came out the other jammed and it jammed with the head a lil in (its supposed to bounce back) it didnt. i just had the echo ppl at my exmark place fix the head and they said it was fine and wound it themselves. it aint i was so madd i threw it at the trailer and its staying out the i dont give a damm. ill get a reliable trimmer soon. i cant stand the fact how i invested almost 12 grand in equipment and i do maitnence and baby it and the stuff just dont work right. my walkbehinds both had problems, the trimmers, the old and new stihl blowers, kawaski trimmer wouldnt start (same head problem as echo as well) stihl hedge trimmer not starting. toro 21 many problems, worn out bbc, oil dipstick exploded and got me covered with oil and the dipstick got bent. the honda 21 dont run every day. i needed to vent so here u go.
  3. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,943

    Boy, I thought I had bad luck! :(

    You are starting a pattern here, you cant have bad luck with everything.... Something you are doing is contributing to these problems. Step back, take a deep breath, and .....throw it at the trailer AGAIN!
  4. Martino

    Martino LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 1,788

    It sure sounds like there are a bunch of lawn care folks who don't know how to wind a trimmer head! I personally do not like the head that comes standard on the Echo straight shafts (A larger version of their curve shaft head would be much better....only the knob wears from contact, not the entire spool), but it is really not that difficult to reload properly...and I have been reading post after post by people who do not know how to do this simple task. Of course, it is always the fault of the mfg. when user does it improperly and failures occur.

    Here's a thought....read the doggone owner's manual.
  5. Tony

    Tony LawnSite Member
    Messages: 54

    Heads ,Heads, Heads, Some are hard to load while some are easy. Tommy at TLS, they make a head just like the old Green Machine head that you liked in a 4" and a 6" version. They are made by an old employee that worked for the Green Machine company ( I was told ). They are the easiest to load and it doesn't even matter which way you wind it, it still feeds. They are available from any Silver Streak dealer ( dealers that sell Gator blades) and this year they call it a gator head. Martino, Universal Products the company that makes heads for Echo, and Veri also makes a large head like your talking about that is made just like the small ones.

  6. 1grnlwn

    1grnlwn LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,261


    I try not to use Ethylnol fuels in my 2 cycle equip. For that reason. My mechanic says its not good for my truck either. Alcohol and plastics are not always compatible. And more and more fuel systems are made with plastics. Our great goveror (see Illinios license for bribe scandal) wants to make Gasohol mandatory for the whole state. And the big corps. that build equip arent going to change there designs for a couple of corn states.:eek:
  7. 1grnlwn

    1grnlwn LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,261

    Oh back to the thread. All trimer heads are a pain. If they are easy to load they don,t hold enough. If they hold a lot they have three or four parts to loose. They are too sensitive, they are not sensitive enough. The echo trimmer head will work if you wind it right. (it does take skill to do this). The small Veri head (25ft cap) is the same as echo head. The large Veri head (40 ft cap) has eyelets that come out and a spring to deal with and mine got quite erratic when it got a few miles on it. I had lots of problems with my echo pro attachment series. Kept telling dealer it wouldn't run under load and started terrible. They said all the new ones run like that and it would run better when it was hot outside. Of coures I said that was unaccectable. Long story short they finaly went to change carb and found a gasket with a small orifice across the intake that was not suppose to be there. It now runs fine except that it does take about 30 sec. to warm up when cold. Dam them californians.:angry:
  8. It's called Red Max, They were at one time Green Machine.

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