Echo trimmers and loss of power EXHAUST PORT CLOGGED!

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  1. Hello,

    I just thought that I would put my two cents in on this. I have had a lot of trouble with Echo trimmers losing power and have thought about changing to another brand of trimmer myself. I think I have a solution that works very well. It has worked for 3 Echo trimmers that we have now. They all 3 run like new now. I have heard of this solution before but I just wanted to put it into detail of how to repair them.

    First off I would suggest putting a new air filter, spark plug, and even fuel lines on the trimmer. The lines are cheap at Ace hardware for like $1 a foot. You only need a foot. If one of your lines has a hole in it then they will suck air into the line and make it spit and sputter.

    Second off this is the real reason I'm suggesting a repair is the EXHAUST PORT! This is were my troubles have been. The exhaust port gets carbon build up on it and doesn't let it exhaust out the burned fuel. Even a 25-50% reduction in the port opening can make it not run or run so weak that you feel like you need a new trimmer.

    To clean the exhaust port you need to take the plastic cover off that covers your exhaust. Then you have to unbolt the exhaust. I know my 280T had an extra mount bolt to the block at the bottom under the muffler too. All you have to do is take the muffler off. Take a flat head screwdriver and clean the port out and chunk the carbon off. ALSO make sure the piston is all the way down out of the way so you don't nick it. I also took my spark plug out and sprayed carburetor cleaner into the two holes from the exhaust and spark plug hole to clean out the cylinder. MAKE SURE that you don't knock carbon into the piston cylinder and then try to pull the cord. The carbon will get crushed up at the top of the head and make the cylinder stick into place. I found this out the hard way. But the carb cleaner cleaned it right out and freed it.

    Pull your starter cord a couple of times with the plug and muffler off to get any little chunks out of the cylinder. Then put your plug back in and start it up WITHOUT the muffler for 10-30 seconds to blow it all out and clean. You could even spray carb cleaner in there a couple of times with it off. WATCH your eyes so that you don't blow carb cleaner or fuel into your eyes. Just don't look into the port. :) It's actually neat seeing the piston fire while running through the exhaust port. Then shut it off and put your muffler back on and cover. It should run like a champ again.

    I use Amsoil Saber synthetic 2 cycle oil mixed about 60 to 1 or even leaner at like 75 to 1. It says you can mix at 100 to 1. But I would rather be safe than sorry. Amsoil gives you more power too because you're burning more fuel than you are oil. Less plug fouls also with less oil. Well I hope this helps someone out. Have a nice day. :weightlifter:
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    I have always run the Echo oil from day 1 and I only have Echo equipment. I mix it like it says to and have never had any problems.

  3. I'm talking the people that needed help. You obviously don't. :) We mow 75 lawns a week with the trimmers. So they build up carbon sometimes. Especially in this rainy season we are having in SW Florida trimming 20' of culvert by 100' long. :) I've seen people ask before about Echo and why they lose power. Or run sluggish.
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    Be careful with a screwdriver,I use a hard piece of wood shaped like a little screwdriver,work great,take out the plug ,piston not visible and scrape away,I also remove that little screen in the muffler that thing clogs quick
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    I do about 50-55 a week. Less if I can get out of it.
  6. Oh ya I forgot about the screen part. Yes remove the screen from the muffler baffle also and use it for smoking weed or a crack pipe. It works great. hehe. Just kidding.
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    It seems like you're both safe AND sorry.

    I mix at 85:1 in Stihl equipment which seems to foul worse than Echo. Never have a problem with wear or fouling. I'm leaning toward going to 100:1 I even leave the exhaust screens in to watch for fouling.

    You're more likely to score a piston while gouging out the carbon than you are to wear out a motor using the recommended ratio.
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    A contributing factor to carbon build up is running at part throttle under load. This will cause more carbon deposits more so than the oil. When trimming use full throttle. Get it warm and it will burn cleaner. I mix my fuel at 50:1 with sthil HP synthetic and run it in both my stihl trimmer and echo PAS-266. never a had a single problem with carbon build up. Running them at designed at full throttle will allow them to get up to temp, burn out the carbon and burn cleaner.

    Feathering the throttle, and loading the equipment at part throttle are not conducive to efficient operation of small 2 stroke motors.
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    This is key. Some guys think they're doing their 2-stroke stuff a favor by petting it. They have a hard time forgetting the 4-stroke mentality when it comes to operating them. Run it like you stole it and carbon will be LESS of a problem. Added more oil that needed also contributes to carbon.
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    Sea foam works great for carbon issues also, I soak the exhaust port to loosen the carbon build up and help to ease the removal. I agree that running full throttle is the best preventative for carbon build up.

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