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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rungreen, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. rob7233

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    Sorry about the last post but I didn't read far enough. The shaft warranty is lifetime and the shaft itself is not real costly but to get the warranty honored you have to pay the dealer's labor to do the work. Now that's expensive!

    On the solid shaft - potentially better power transfer and potentially less movement and vibration but slightly more weight. Maybe less wear for the same reasons.
    Will any of these payoffs be seen in actual real use in all cases? Most likely not. Also, I imagine the solid shaft is more expensive to produce.
  2. brucec32

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    Actually they tout the steel shaft as being lighter, and the specs support that. Go figure.

    Also, I seriously doubt one is going to wear out the shaft on these things before the other components have become useless. These are $200-$300 machines, splurge and buy a new one every few years guys. The engine repairs and replacements are where the money is anyway. In a business that grosses $40,000 or more per trimmer in the fleet, it's hardly worth thinking about to spend maybe $100/year on trimmers in order to have reliable ones that don't eat up your time with repairs and maintenance.
  3. Pat'sPerfectLawnService

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    i had a srm 210 and it was 7+ years old that had no problems exept for last year the carberator was messng up so i got the srm 251e and so far it is very good.
  4. gtread

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    Have 2 Echo SRM 210 machines, also an Echo 210 with the sabre saw tip for limb cutting.
    Installed a 9" carbide blade on one of them for clearing brush such as honeysuckle, buckthorn etc. beat that trimmer into the ground for years and she just keeps on going.
    Bang for the buck! just cant be beat. gtread
  5. gtread

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    You can put a new carb on that machine for about $40.-50 bucks. gtread
  6. Alan0354

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    Funny the cheapest Echo SRM210 turn out to be one of the most durable and reliable trimmer. My HC151 I got 5 years ago turn out to be the most reliable one. You can say all the reason why they are cheap, inferior features and all, at the end of the day, they last and get the job done.

    I don't use the HC151 anymore for hedging only because it is too short for my back. And at that, I use it as dispossable to cut branches to compect the stuff for recycle. And it has been holding up, you are talking about cutting branches up to 5/8" and piles of it!!! They sure did something right with that 21cc engine!!! On paper, single ring, two bolt cylinder, those are Craftsman's signature!! But........................
  7. MOturkey

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    I have two a 260, a 261T and a 265T which I bought last summer. I like both the older trimmers, except for the "cold naturedness" they both exhibited. I had the carb replaced on both and that took care of that problem.

    I bought the 265 while one of the others was in the shop, as I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law. The 265 runs great, starts easier than the older models, and has plenty of power, but I do not like the new handle configuration. I replaced the stock loop handle with a new flex type which was used on the older units, but the shaft handle you are pretty well stuck with. For some reason, it is made substantially thicker than the older models, and, in my opinion, is much less comfortable to use for long periods. It is probably one of those things where if it was the only one you had ever used, you would think it is great, but after using the older style for close to 10 years, it sucks.

    Some improvements really are, some aren't, and I don't thnk the newer looking handles are. I really think the change was made to "modernize" the look. They are almost identical to the Stihl, just from looking at the two.
  8. Pat'sPerfectLawnService

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    yea i though about doing that so i have a good 2nd trimmer for a spare.
  9. bobcat48

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    Love my srm 225
  10. type_rcivic2000

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    The SRM-265, 265T and 265S are all very good machines. They are pretty much the standard as far as power goes (25.4cc). For the extra 30 bucks the 265T is well worth it over the 265. You can run them both side by side and feel the extra torque coming out of it. The 265S will be lighter than the 265T, but is not suited for brushcutter blades if you choose to use one.

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