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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rungreen, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. SangerLawn

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    None of my employees like the echos except me. The all prefer our red maxs. Of course if we get into tall weeds I will drop the echo like a hot potato and use the redmax.

    I like the light weight and low power of the echo for our normally maintained properties. Never had a problem with any of ours. Great cheappy trimmers.
  2. grassman177

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    we run the 280T, imagine the more beat you get over it thant eh 265! they are screaming power, better than the bigger previous models they replaced, the 311. which has a bigger engine!!
  3. SangerLawn

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    from indiana
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    Actually this is wrong. If you read the fine print, echo only warranties there equipment for 1 year if you are a company. If you are a home owner this works out great but if you’re in business the warranty sucks,
  4. KarambaStar

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    You're partly right but mostly wrong. For purchases after Jan. 1, 2010 all ECHO equipment excluding chainsaws, QuikVent and cutoff saws carry a 2 year COMMERCIAL warranty (5 year homeowner). However, the following parts carry a lifetime warranty regardless of commercial or homeowner use (and always have had a lifetime warranty): Ignition modules, flex cables, solid cables, and TC cultivator tines. Again, the 4 previously mentioned parts carry a lifetime warranty regardless of whether the unit is being used commercially or residentially.
  5. I will not buy any more Echo trimmers. The SRM-210 I bought a while back has a non-adjustable carb. At least there are no adjustment screws that can be easily adjusted. The thing takes a few pulls to get it started and it cools down so quickly between lawns that you have to have to go through the cold start procedure all over again. Pain the butt. The engine barely revs high enough to run smoothly and I need to take it to the dealer right now. If you don't mind pulling the string a half a dozen times or more and then wait on it to warm up so it'll run decent then it's a great trimmer.
  6. SangerLawn

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    This is going to sound ******** but I promise it works. Empty all the gas out of your trimmer. Fill it with straight WD-40. it will be a pain to start (maybe 10 pulls) but then run the full tank of WD-40 threw it. It will smell like you just lit a BBQ grill but it will clean it completely out. After that tank put your normal fuel back into it and it will run 100 percent better…..promise….
  7. LALawnboy

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    Another vote here for SRM-265T. Have two and love em'.
  8. scotlykins

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    I always thought solid shafts were made for attachments while with the flex attachments are not recomended. Anyway we are going to go with Echo trimmers as soon as our RedMax's and Stihls wear out.

    Our favorite is the FS100RX. It is light and cuts great. It is always the first picked up.
  9. KarambaStar

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    I think it does have an adjustable carb , but can only be adjusted with a special tool.
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  10. IN2MOWN

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    I quit using Echo trimmers a while back. I love my RedMax for the weight and length of it. I like Echos but I will tell you this. You will get one great season out of it and then it starts to bog down. Make sure you keep the carb and filters extra clean on them because they will wear down on you.

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