Echo warm up time vs Stihl.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ds650, Jun 18, 2014.

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    I stumbled upon this site and thought I'd post here.

    I'm currently thinking of replacing my 12 year old Ryobi trimmer/edger/polesaw combo with one from Echo or Stihl. Honestly the Ryobi being the older better built generation stuff is still a good trimmer and still strong. I guess I just want new stuff.

    Anyway I have a Honda HRX mower, Stihl chainsaw and an Echo blower/vac. So I'm not brand loyal.

    So here's the issue. I was kind of set on an Echo 266 PAS setup. 266 head unit, trimmer, straight edger, pole saw. Versus say maybe a Stihl 56 or 90 model head unit and attachments.

    But... as good as my new Echo blower/vac works the warm up time is kind of a pain. ( I'm impatient I know) In the manual it says 3 minutes. When I read that after buying it I was like they are being extra cautious. So usually I start it and it idles for 30 seconds or so till I get upfront to the drive and sidewalk. I use it and it works but after about 45 or so more seconds it does change sound I think and pick up a tad more speed. So it takes maybe 1-1.5 minutes or so to seemingly fully warm up I guess.

    So anyone know warm up time of the Echo 266 head unit is the same way in practice? What about the Stihl units? Do they have a warm up time near the Echo?

    I usually both trim & edge after the same mow so a warm up of a minute or so isn't terrible since I'll be using it longer. The blower might frustrate me more because the manual says 3 minute warmup while the total I use it some days is only about 4 minutes total anyway.

    I have one Stihl dealer near and a Stihl/Echo dealer. Both are good.

    Also, anyone know the HP rating of the Echo 266? Can't find it online anywhere. Just wondering if it's an equal to the Stihl 56 or 90 model?

  2. Brules

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    Uhhh yeah, I think you are safe to start it and run LCO I have ever seen, heard or worked for waits 3 min for something to warm up. ;) Manual may say it but with a 2 mix, the engine is isntantly lubricated. Start and WAAHHHH full throttle.

    I like Echo, but they are all pretty much the same, just whichever you prefer - usually it comes down to dealer preference.
  3. magbarn

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    If anything I give my Stihl 4Mix stuff a little more time to warm up and to cool down at idle before shutting off as they're more complex engines than your echo. I've noticed that echo 'warm up' change also. They run much better after being run a minute or so at full throttle. I abuse my echo stuff though and don't wait as they don't have pesky valves that can fall in the cylinder like my BR600.
  4. ds650

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    @ Magbarn, Isn't that echo warmup thing weird. They do work and then suddenly the sound changes and they run a tad better. I've never any equipment do that before. Like I said I don't wait the three minutes. It just seems weird waiting more than 20 seconds or so to me. Wasn't sure if there was a reason for it on the newer machines.

    Still deciding between the Echo Pass And Stihl Kombi system. I really need to pick them up side by side see which feels better/lighter etc. That might be the deciding factor as much as anything. Although the Echo 5 year warranty is attractive.

    Thx guys
  5. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I run an echo pas266 and have no complaints. It takes under a min for it warm up and run balls out. But I usually pull the cord, and squeeze the throttle wide open right away. Some times it wil idle as im walking to the area I am gonna use it. Its no more better or worse than any other piece of 2 stroke equipment I have from varying manufacturers.

    Get the PAS266, you wont be dissapointed. One thing better I would recommend is lookingmfor a shindaiwa dealer. Their attachments system is the same as echo, and the power heads are the same design, same company, etc. But the grip in the shindaiwa is many times nicer.
  6. ds650

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll check those out also.
  7. southerntide

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    Still running my 8+ yr old SRM210 as main trimmer never had to warm it up.

    Was thinking of moving to sthil since I had issue with a old dealer only one near me carrying Echo parts for a hour but think I will still invest in the PAS upgrade

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