Echo weedeaters going out every 5 months???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by salteedogg, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. salteedogg

    salteedogg LawnSite Member
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    I have tried 210's, 225s and even the pro 230 and I cannot get a echo weedeater to last more then 5 months!!! I use it for commercial use 5 days a week and these things start to go out. I change the plug, air filter every month if not more and use echo synthetic mixing oil. What happens is the motor will start bogging (not reving as high). At first the motor will store to lose power but I can still find the sweet spot with the string length but this only works for about a month until it will barely spin the head. Also right when they start to go bad, they will run decent for weedeating but when flipped upside down to edge, it will lose almost all power and barely spins but will regain power when flipped back to normal position. I even changed the carb on my last echo and it didn't fix the bogging problem. Does anyone know why these motor's start to lose power and how I can maybe fix the engines when they go bad? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. nepatsfan

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    I hate echo's. Check the screen on the muffler if there is one. If there is and it is all plugged with black(carbon I think). Either clean it out or rip it off.
  3. ff162bfd

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    Those are the smallest commercial trimmers they make and are classed as mixed use. Spend the extra money and get a 265 or bigger. I run a 285s 5 days a week and I have been very satisfied.
  4. Think Green

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    I don't disassemble many of these engines to know for a fact, but my dealer and repair shop told me that these homeowner and sub commercial units have only one cylinder ring on them instead of two. This was a preemptive to satisfy the EPA and control costs while still keeping up the consumer line while offering a name brand product. The engine will not hold up to stringent was designed to do!! There has been alot of this hanky panky parts reduction going on to save money and throw out products that won't hold up to daily work.
  5. ed2hess

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    I haven't bought any of the 230 and below trimmer but....are you sure they don't have carb adjustment needles that may be hidden? Something don't add up those should last longer than that. I don't think you have the one ring version yet but there doesn't seem to be any problems with that anyway. Should be no reason to replace carb at that low usage. Get someone to take them apart and blow out all the ports.
  6. cborden

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    We have the same problem with the 755T blower. Found out it was the carburetor going bad, five blowers, five bad carburetors. Found them on ebay for less than $50.00 each. We just replace them each spring with the pre-season tune-ups. Might be the same cause.
  7. demhustler

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    echos - not any good...
    about once in 2 years we getting 25cc Echo - nothing good, just because we have old ones as a parts already...
    this time decided to try 23cc - man... it is bad... (much worth) : ))))))) + in 2 weeks it won't start - and i been running it mostly on idle; (21cc wasn't even consideration -would newer pull it -and are known throwaways)
    newer things like this with other brands

    seems like same thing with 24cc handheld blowers (read casing)

    i would say - stay away from echos
  8. salteedogg

    salteedogg LawnSite Member
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    I would try something bigger then the 230 but thats the largest model home depot sells. I stick with home depot because I just take them back when they go out. Even though they only have 30 day warranty, I usually just go buy a new one and take the old one back on the new reciept :nono:, they never look at the model number sticker :cool2:. the 230 model says its for commercial use on the tag. The 230 model actually only lasted about 3-4 months max compared to the 225's I have been getting. Yes they are single ringed piston's, as I have broke one down looking cleaning everything and it didn't help. I even compression checked them and they are around the same psi as the new ones? I have also checked the screens in mufflers, I have actually taken them out thinking it was the problem and it wasn't. The only thing I saw when I got inside the motor was alot of carbon on the top of the piston. I thought it was the problem but I cleaned most of it and the problem still occurred.
  9. joed

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    I'm having some issues with my echo pb770 blower too. I purchased it in April and it starts up fine in the morning. However, when you go from one job to the next, and try to restart the blower, it won't start without having to reprime the engine and open the choke. I found that strange since no other piece of handheld equipment I have ever owned has ever done this. I've never been a big fan of Echo and with each piece of equipment I own from them, my opinion continues to decline. From chainsaws, to trimmers, to blowers, they make a lot of noise but never get the job done unlike Stihl, Redmax, Shindaiwa, etc. They're not perfect but they're more dependable and get the job done from my perspective.
  10. nepatsfan

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    I love seeing the echo bashing. I hate echo with a passion. The carbs on them suck. We have a pile of junk echo trimmers behind my shop. Buy redmax you wont have these problems.

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