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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rob.C, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Rob.C

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    Have any of u guys heard of the yard-shield system by echo (blower that converts to a sprayer, gravity fed). I demoed one today and I am impressed, it works pretty good, there formula kills mosquitos, ticks, fleas, ants, nats and other flying insects, and at 17.99 a bottle, one bottle gives u about 3-4 tank fulls and covers 15,000sqft per tank-full & it is something most customers have not ever seen. I hate having a 200gal spray system in my truck, that I mainly use for insectisides (talstar), I am thinking about spraying insecticides with the echo systyem and getting a 50 gal lesco sprayer for weed control only. saves room in your truck, less weight, easier to clean ect.You should exspect to make around 200-300 a bottle, I am also going to treat landscapes also wich I will add $20-$40 a yard depending on size. Another key factor is it is reccommended to treat lawn 1 a month, wich:weightlifter: is also more money, unlike talstar 3x a year, the formula is basic but it works I have dead mosquitos ants on my patio it killed them on contact, its not hazerdous to pets, turf or landscapes, I would watch it around flowers and sensitive shrubs.......Any opinions????
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    We use a Stihl Backpack sprayer/blower that works great. For a chemical we use Lesco Cross Check. Our business is ticks and mosquitoes. We use a Lesco 200 gal tank for the tick end of it and the blower sprayer for the mosquitoes. I have seen the Echo but never used it. Most likely close to the same. We are actually going to buy a second blower/sprayer due to the fact that business is going strong. Any questions let me know......
  3. Runner

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    What is the AI for the Echo stuff?
  4. Rob.C

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    do u mean the graghics file
  5. ampeg76

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    Active Ingredient = A.I.

  6. Rob.C

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    permethrin wt% 9

    petroleum distillates wt% 50-70

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