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Im sure this fine group can answer this. Im going to need a new trimmer before spring. I currently have an Echo SRM1501
it is almost 10years old still runs great but need to relagate to backup duty. Are the Echos at Home Depot for commerical use are any of you buying from there. I will be using everyday please advise.


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From your own experience you can see that Echo's are tough, but I would recommend that you consider moving up to Echo's commercial equipment. The ones at HD are heavier and weaker than, say a SRM 2601. That is a very popular trimmer for commercial lawn care. I have one and have been very well pleased with it.

Next year, however, I plan to buy a couple of Kawasaki trimmers. They seem quite powerful and a bit quieter - all for about the same price.

Don't worry about saving a few dollars at HD. Go with the better equipment because you will be using it a whole lot and really enjoying it so much more.


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Thanks for the advice I had been toldthat they were the same but had not been there to see for my self. I really do like my Echo so I will definately check out the Commerical models.
Scott Brumley


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Central Texas
Personal experiance has taught me that OPE and other products sold at HD are not the same grade as the local power equipment dealers carry. Ask a Echo rep and I'm sure he can find out or tell you the truth. Echo and other products are mass manafactured. Therefore when HD wants this brand name product in the store they have it made to their specs so it can be sold at a lower price. It may walk like a chicken, talk like a chicken, even look like a chicken, but I'ts not allways a chicken.

John DiMartino

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ScottB,I know you like the echo-but just try a Kawasaki demo first.I bought one and they are very nice and powerful,quite and light.I love how smooth it is too.Lesco will be selling them under their name soon too.I tried an echo,and I like the kawi much better,more refined,almost no vibration fatigue at all,even after 2hrs use.

little green guy

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I have 2 echo smr 2400's that I bought at Home Depot. They have been pretty good to me. I am going to have to retire them for next year though because they have been pretty well abused. I think that the echo's are good but I want to try the Redmax trimmers out, I have a redmax blower and I raely like it. i have heard good things about remax trimmers so I am going to try them. i don't think there's anything wrong with the echo's though, I like the way the echo's are balanced. i never realy had any major problems with them thoughout 2 years of abuse.


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It would be illegal for Home Depot to sell trimmers with the same echo model numbers that are of different quality. The SRM2400 should do fine, wherever you buy it. The 2601 has more power, but is also heavier. I don't know about the quality of the Kawi's, but they are lighter, and that's a big consideration for me.


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Yes, home depot is selling 2 versions of echo commercial trimmers. the only difference is the engine size. I have experience with both and unless you do a lot of tall grass cutting the srm 2100 will last a long time the 2400 and 2600 are great but the money isn't really worth the extra power unless you have a track record of overheating units from tall brush. I currently am running shindaiwa 260's with stihl cutting head/brush guards. The shindaiwa is very light and easy starting and long lasting it has a poorly designed head. The stihl has an almost uncloggable head design, but I hate how hard they are to start, so I compromised and made the best of both. One other option is honda's new four stroke trimmer. I have heard great things about ease of starting, lightweight, no gas mixing and long life. the cost is very comparable to most other pro models but the benefits are worth even a higher price, it will be my next purchase.


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i have bought srm 2400's at home depot and are great light weight trimmers, but the 2601's are more cc's and are a little bit lighter (not sure how they do that) but they do!!
hope this helps!