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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by IncaHeat, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Barefoot James

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    Thanks Tim.

    We fill it with a pitch fork and mulch shovel.
  2. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I sent you a PM a while back but never heard anything. I was wondering what price range per 1K area you are able to get in San Angelo. Are things getting dire with watering restrictions there? We hit once a week on September 6th in Austin. Other areas close by have little to no watering restrictions.

    All our F'n water went down the river to grow rice. Thank you LCRA. A few drops of rain fell at my house today. I went out and took pictures so the memory would last longer!
  3. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Turftech are you still around? I sent you a few PM in the last 6 months and never heard back. I noticed you have been inactive on here for a while. I know things probably have gotten pretty dire in your area with the drought.

    Everyone please check out my new Ecolawn thread requesting feedback.
  4. GreenInOH

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    What about subbing out compost applications like this to blower truck services. I sub out some of my bigger mulch jobs to these guys? With the tube i think they could put down a nice and even layer of compost. Little labor, no equipment cost, no how do I load it, it seems like a no-brainer?
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

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    If you look at page 5 in the pictures section you will find my Plantscape Solutions thread. On the second to last page is a picture of how we load my Ecolawn.

    A two man crew and a dump trailer works great for load a top dresser. Years ago I did subcontract out top dressing. It cost me $50 per 1000 sq ft and I sold it for $75. With the price of Diesel being triple what it was when I subcontracted out top dressing 6-7 years ago the blower trucks have lost their edge.

    My setup works great and is not that labor intensive. My worker can load two wheel barrows while I'm spreading and then reload my hopper in about 30 seconds with two quick dumps.

    Shoveling off the ground is too labor intensive. I don't even think the trailer on the Ecolawn website is very good because the reloading is too slow. A medium duty truck like FL Landscapes or a deck over dump trailer is the way to go if your going to have a high level of efficiency and profit.
  6. adam.neusbaum

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    Very true indeed. Personally I found that having two spreaders in rotation works great. Some helpers prefer to solely load the spreaders and that's fine by me. It takes exactly the same amount of time to empty a buggy as it does to fill.
    Others enjoy filling & running their own machine. If my pic attached then you'll see how we park the buggies behind the dumptruck and pull the compost toward us and gravity does the rest. In the beginning I was actually scoop shoveling from the front of a dumptruck to the back, 5 c/y scoop by scoop, udderly ridiculous. At the time I was using a borrowed oversized dumptruck without rear doors or gate. Unloading out of the 1 ton is much easier than the Isuzu or International for now.
  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    No picture. If the picture is rejected it's because it's too large and you need to resize it. If a picture has been used on the forum you can resize it a tiny bit and rename it and then you can post the same picture twice.

    The only problem you would get with two machines is you would end up bottle necking at the truck or trailer when reloading. My issues would be a lack of space in my 20' trailer for a second machine.

    For me a two man crew is highly efficient. With more guys on the clock it would hurt my bottom line because the output really wouldn't increase in correlation to the increased head count.
  8. LupineLandscaping

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    We have an Earth & Turf MS 200 with all options for sale. Like new. See Equipment for sale post for pics.
  9. Turf Tech

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    Yes still here just havent checked in for a bit. Sorry missed your message those usually get forwarded to my email. I must of missed it. I know Monte sold a few units down in Houston and Austin are recently did you buy one? I sent you a PM about filling the unit.
  10. Turf Tech

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    This is what I built to unload my compost. It has been posted here before.

    I will have this up for sale soon. I have a new design in mind. This works good 1 man operation can easily spread 6 yards of compost in 1 hour with one guy.

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