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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by eco.lawns, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. MJS

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    I pulled a 16 footer fully loaded with a silverado 1500, handled it fine. V8, 350. Just an fyi.

    The blue looks fine, precious few people are going to care about the color of your trailer. If you are not keeping it forever then it's not a big deal anyway.
  2. GardnerLawn

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    Well I'm saying maybe 20ft for the future eventually you will need the space and you will get a bigger truck too. I'm saying to paint your trailer just as a small thing to make you look more professional. It's not a biggie but your Image is everything in this business just passing on helpful hints.
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  3. GravyTrain

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    I pull a 7' x 16' Interstate LoadRunner enclosed trailer with my 95 GMC Sierra 1500 (v8, 350 as well). Granted, I get about 8 miles to the gallon on a good day, but I've never been in a position where I couldn't get somewhere. I run a VERY tight route, no more than 2 miles in any direction, and never get above 50 or 55. Someone with a longer route, higher speeds might have a different experience with that type of truck/trailer combo.
  4. bobcat48

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    Very nice equipment.
  5. eco.lawns

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    I see what your saying about image and I agree. I usually wear moisture wick polos with my company embroidered on them when I work because I think that they are more professional looking than the cut off tshirts. I am looking into getting an f250 with the 6.2L so I am going to wait until I upgrade my truck to get a new trailer. But that will not be until next year because I do not want to take on too much debt right now. I dont see any point in buying a trailer I will soon grow out of. Part of why I want to get a bigger truck is so that I can do snow removal as well. I know I can get a plow for my truck but I would be limited to resi and small comm lots..
  6. GardnerLawn

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    Well im glad your thinking ahead and def try not to get in much debit in this business. It is hard to get out if your not careful. You seem to be doing fairly well. Keep it up. What do you use the tractor for? How long have you been in business? Is it just you?
  7. Don Zerby

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    Hi Ecolawn!

    Those are some great pictures and congratulations on your 1st year. It's a tough business and you deserve credit for your efforts and persistence.

    My company 'Ecolawn' incorporated in Ohio many years ago and the name and logo is copyrighted and trademarked. Have you set up a corporation yet? Where is Springboro? I'm in Cleveland so I think we're fine. Give me a call if you want at 440-953-9100.

    Thank you!

  8. eco.lawns

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    GardnerLawn: I use the tracter for things like moving top soil, digging to install drainage pipes, ect. This is my first year on my own. I worked for other companies the past four years and got sick of working my butt off and not making as much as I wanted.

    Don Zerby: I am set up as a single member LLC as "EcoLawn & landscaping, LLC". I am in springboro which is 30 mins south of dayton and about an hour north of cincinnati. I don't think we will have any issues. The name came back as available in the ohio database. PM me if you want to talk about it in more detail.
  9. eco.lawns

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    Here are a few more pics! I broke down and bought a new backpack blower.


  10. Don Zerby

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    Ok - That sounds great!

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