Ecolawn or Turfco metrmatic topdresser for residential?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Dyllan78, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Which should i buy, never seen either machine up close and i am getting ready to purchase one. Which is a better machine, i know the ecolawn is faster but does not have reverse. Turfco is slower, you walk in front of it, but has a reverse gear on it. any suggestions?thanks in advance.
  2. Rick13

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    Buy the new Ecolawn 200 model. It cost $500.00 more than Ecolawn 100....but it has dual spreading wheels. One turning right, the other turning it can spread heavier(wet) materials with an even coverage.

    It's a great machine, Ecolawn 200. When the hopper is full, I can still back up with mine....because you always want to load it on a flat surface. It's quick, light, and good design.

    I've never tried Turfco, and I'm sure they are good...but I know Ecolawn for me is the best when I'm spreading organic compost in customer's yards. That is all I use mine for....but I know I could spread other materials...and the new model can spread sand that has moisture well too.

    Here's a few pictures of My Ecolawn 200....and spend the extra money to get the dual wheeel disk setup. It's worth the extra money!!!

    The other two pictures are on Lawnsite under, "Going to GIE+EXPO to see the Compost Spreaders".

    My website: has a video under Organic Compost Spreading showing the Ecolawn 200 in action.

    Copy of Organic Compost Spreading.jpg
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    How much did the ecolawn 200 run you?
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  5. Rick13

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    I paid $6,000.00 late last Fall (2012). I think they were going to charge $500.00 more for the Ecolawn Model 200 (two discharge wheels) than the Ecolawn Model 100 (single discharge wheel). For the's better to get the dual discharge wheels (Model 200). It can spread heavier material more even than the single discharge wheel.

    I ended up putting on a rpm/hour meter on mine. I will have to get a picture of it tomorrow. Drilled a hole in the arm and placed the meter towards the top handle. Ran the wire down the handle to the spark plug. It turned out looking really nice!!!

    I also put two tubes in the large side kept getting that problem should be fixed now!
  6. Rick13

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    Here's a two pictures of Ecolawn 200 with RPM / Hour Meter on the handle. It works great!!!

    Ecolawn Hour Meter 1.jpg

    2 Ecolawn Hour Meter 2.jpg
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    Rick that is a nice lookin lawn you are doing with that ecolawn.
    Now, get that one across the street that has brown grass on it:)

    On a more serious note, how thick are you spreading that compost? And at that thickness, how many sq ft does a ecolawn hopper full cover? Finally, what moisture level can the ecolawn handle?
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  8. Rick13

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    Thanks, that nice yard is Mine!!! And it's before, I used the Ecolawn.

    Organic Compost I spread on a yard is 1/4" to 1/2".

    3 Full Hoppers = 1 cubic yard

    1 cubic yard = Average 700 to 800 square feet

    Usually One Yard of Organic Compost is around 700 pounds.

    I've heard of guys adding side rails to their Ecolawn they can carry more....I don't do that. Because going down hill with a full load can get a little hairy!!!

    I only spread organic compost. I've never done sand. But from what I've heard....the new Ecolawn Model 200 (with two discharge wheels) can handle fairly high moisture rate of wet sand. With the two wheels's able to spread heavier material than the single discharge wheel....with a better coverage that's more even.

    Now Ecolawn recommends the following:

    For top dressing, we suggest the application rate of 1 cubic yard per 2000 sq. ft.
    For turf renovation, we suggest the application rate of 1 cubic yard per 1000 sq.
    For seeding with compost, we suggest the application rate of 1.5 cubic yards per 1000 sq. ft.

    I would believe their topdressing rate of 1 cubic yard for 2000 square feet once you've established a yard with organic compost. But even then....this is a very thin about. I wouldn't want to short a customer on materials when it's fairly cheap in's labor that gets you.

    I can get around 11,000 pounds of organic compost for $125.00.
    At Home Depot they have EcoScraps 1 cubic foot White Compost Mix for $5.97. Correct if I'm wrong (happens some it takes 27 cubic feet to equal 1 yard. So for 1 yard of Home Depot's Compost would be $161.19 plus tax. Where I'm getting 14 to 15 yards at 700 pounds a yard.

    Long story short, I don't skip out on spreading organic compost in customer's's cheap and I want to give them the best results.
  9. Rick13

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    Here's the two different Ecolawn Machines. Both are good....but the Ecolawn 200 for a little more is the way to go! The 200 spreads heavier material easier, makes sure the left side is equal to the right side (even spreading). Where the Ecolawn 100 would spread heavier to the right and the left spray pattern would not get enough. Resulting in having to go over twice to get and even coverage.

    Ecolawn 100 & Ecolawn 200.JPG
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    Nice review and info on these machines, I want one.

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