Ecoli breakout

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WJW Lawn, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Here's a question you don't hear everyday. Im in North Carolina... and right outside of a town called Cary. Well...they are experiencing an Ecoli breakout in their ENTIRE water system. SOOOO...they are running fire hydrants...and people are leaving their hoses running in their yard (according to the news) Its so bad...they've shut down every resteraunt in town down, and are urging people to boil any water they use. So here's the question... I have lawns to cut in this area tomorrow...should I???? Would you??? Honestly...Ive never ever ever ever dealt with this...nor did I ever think I Crazy Stuff!!! :dizzy:
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    E Coli is an intestinal parasite that is normal flora (it is always there) and is very helpful in maintaining the healthy status of our bowel. However, outside of the colon the bacteria causes severe infections (that can lead to death in people with decreased immune systems (very old, very young, chemo/cancer patients) but in the healthy adult they are easy to avoid by WASHING your hands. People do not wash their hands and therefore it is easily transferrable to susceptible hosts. Don't drink the water (buy store water) and don't forget to WASH HANDs. This bacteria forms a spore and cannot be killed with alcohol wipes or bactericial soaps but must be washed off by friction and soap and water. Hate to bear the bad news but if you shake peoples hand then you will probably have ECOLI on your hands and this is anytime without the BREAKOUT.....So don't freak out just WASH YOUR HANDS

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