Economic downside.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tlg, Apr 13, 2008.

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    We ran some reports yesterday to see where we are heading this season so far. New sales have been soft and every cancel we have had has been for economic reasons except one who felt his lawn was not green enough during one of the worst droughts we have had last year and 3 customers who died. The worst cancel we have had called in yesterday. An elderly lady who had been a customer for a number of years called us very upset and nearly crying that she had to cancel her fertilizing service. She was hoping we would understand and felt terrible having to cancel her service as she had been a satisfied customer. She relented that her reason to cancel was that her son was on the verge of losing his house and had not worked in months and she must try to help him. She also told us that she had to call and cancel her lawn mowing service company as well. I personally took this call and can tell you that it was an awful experience. We are seeing and hearing some really sad stories around here. One customer told us that two of their neighbors lost there homes to foreclosure. Customers have lost jobs and had their hours cut. Those that are working are being hammered by the increased fuel cost just to get to work. In the last few days we have seen some new sales and remain hopeful that we will be increasing our customer base soon. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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    It is tight out there. I have been working on several senarios to try to maintain good cash flow and not have to layoff later this summer.

    New sales are a little slow and cancels or reduced appl.'s are up.
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    New sales are a little slow here. I think some of it has to do with the weather we have been having. I really feel for some of you guys up in Michigan. I have heard there are certain areas that are really struggling economically. I hope things get better for you...
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    JUst wanted to share that we are experiencing a little of the same. We have lost some clients to others this year who are more concerned with cheaper bids. We have had to raise our bids slightly this year for the 1st time in several seasons due to economic factors and gas prices. It has resulted in lost customers or we simply have not heard the phone ring as much as we expected. A lot of tire kickers. The weather has not helped any. The snow and cold has been longer in the season and that has only added to the slow start. However, we are beginning to get a little concerned. Our mulch supply (for bulk) raised their costs significantly this year, our costs are up, repair costs have risen (we have our vehicles and equipment serviced) and obviously everything has trickled down the board. Not sure how it will pan out. Just keeping our fingers crossed we can weather the storm. Good luck to you all out there!

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