Economy improving employment?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. GreenLight

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    Generally, the theory is in a down economy you are far more likely to find a great surplus of qualified and motivated job seekers. I will say, our existing employees have really stepped up, but I have been tremendously disappointed with the overall "desperate" for work types that have rolled in. I expected there to be more guys eager and motivated to really get ahead, but I can honestly say that we have not really had any folks come in that seem motivated to get after it (hispanics not included). Is the american labor force and blue collar worker that dead in our country?
  2. CA Green

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    Think people aren't desperate enough. Good work ethics is a rare commodity, usually evolves from dire desperation. Otherwise they assume it's an honor to employ people such as themselves.
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  3. tadpole

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    I will hire an un-educated person that is proud to work over an educated person who considers themselves too good to work ANY DAY. The word is PRODUCTIVITY.
  4. Armadillolawncare

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    I have had good luck hiring young men that come from ranching or country backgrounds. They have been exposed to hard work and working in the heat their whole lives. They generally seem to have better work ethics which I think is a testiment to their upbringing.
  5. rlpsystems

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    That practice is the best way to go. Teach someone how "you" want it, and expect it. People who have their own ways and opinoins should not apply. Also, I have hired my third caucasion, and he has surprised the heck outta me. Works as hard, and as long as I do. Thats good to see.
  6. Mike Leary

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    I had my fill of "I worked irrigation when I was in college" types. My best luck was finding someone who had a work ethic and learned from me. That way, the bad habits were my own.
  7. rlpsystems

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    Roger that Mr Leary. Learned that from my first landscape/irrigation employer. He said "do you know anything about irrigation"? I said no. He hired me stating that he would rather teach someone than deal with anothers ways....... Damn Obama!!!
  8. 1idejim

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    of all of the guys that i have worked with you could tell their heart and try as they walked to and from the truck, a good worker knows it and carries himself well, slackers and know it alls have their own mannerisms.
  9. tadpole

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    According to an article that I recently read, this problem (Attitude) is not confined to the work force. The U.S. military is having a major problem with enlistees not being physically fit enough to even begin Basic, much less complete it. Really pathetic IMO.
  10. Mark B

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    What do you expect when mom & dad pick them up the bus stop/school. Gives them toys like iPhones, ipads, wiis, etc..... When the kids has to grow up in the burbs with nothing to do but play games on the tv. Along with the overly plump parents that are right beside them. What do you expect to get from that? They don't know any better. That type of kid doesn't have the country setting where you get to do side work like prime tobacco, pick up hay, farm work, or even help the fireman that has a LC company, cut firewood. That is my nc.02.
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