economy or what???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Tim Louis, Apr 8, 2005.

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    THIS JUST IN...............

    Trevor is 19 years old. Why are you guys argueing with him? He clearly knows it all just like we did when we were teenagers.
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    Nope, I didn't remove it. don't have any idea where it went
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    that's a good point, I'm in my late 20's and don't know jack about squat. It's like every year I realize I actually know less than I did the year before. I think I was born with full knowledge of the universe, but most of it was disproved by 16. Now I walk behind the mower and my mantra is....don't put salt in your eye...don't put salt in your eye...don't put salt in your eye. Then, yesterday at lunch I put salt in my eye. I think I'm screwed.
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    I can't belive how nasty this thread has gotten. So, why not add my 2cents.

    First on education: Education is important. I have a degree in finance, and business background, which makes me a business owner, not a lawn cutter. However, it's not the $40,000 degree that makes me a business owner, its the knowlege and experience. Experience can teach just as much as a university. The only difference is that with a formalized education, you may avoid some of the pitfalls of trial and error which is part of the education process through experience. You need book smarts and field smarts to survive as a business owner, both equally important.

    Second, on the economy: I am sick and tired of hearing about how the US keeps shipping jobs overseas. If you beleive ANY political ad you've seen, you're fool. I don't care who you voted for, political speeches and ads are slanted, and twisted to make you believe what you want to hear. Don't believe a word of it. We are moving towards a global economy across the world. It's been moving that way for years....its capitalism at its best. Do you realize that when you hear the tv ads about "tax breaks for big corporations to ship jobs overseas" is all BS!! That's right. Tax breaks are given to people (corporations) so that they'll have more money to invest. This means more investment in equipment, and personnell (that means jobs). Of course, the government can't tell corporations what to do with their new tax breaks, otherwise the gov't would be controlling how businesses operate. IF that happened, we no longer have free markets, we have communism!! Who's in favor of that? In fact tax breaks encourage corps to keep jobs locally, because there's more money available to keep jobs in place. Most companies don't like the bad press of laying off workers. Do you realize that without those tax breaks, it would be even more expensive for businesses to keep employees, and actually encourage them to look for cheaper labor! Those tax breaks did not cause jobs to be sent over seas. It's hard to say that to someone who has been laid off, and for that I appologize. But, the cost of labor is determined by supply and demand. If it were cheaper to hire people at home, that's where the jobs would stay. Coming from Michigan I know all about unions, and I can tell you that its BECAUSE of the unions that big corps can't afford to hire locally....the unions are too strong, and have risen their prices (wage demands) and FORCED the companies to look elsewhere for cheaper labor. If you believe that foreign products aren't of good quality, then you have nothing to worry about, becuase poor quality products leads to reduced demand, reduced prices, or a change in labor force. Supply and demand takes care of everything in the long run.

    The people who support "work at home, buy american" don't realize the scope of reality. You know those foreign cars? Mazda's? I used to own one. It was made in America (Ohio Actually) by American workers. Many of the parts were fabricated in the US. The argument that "profits go to Japan" are ridiculous too....Ford Motor Company owns 24% of Mazda. Shareholders own these country owns the big corps!!! If you think all these huge profits are going to another some stock!!! That makes you the owner, and therefore the benefactor of these profits you're whining about.

    How many american cars are 100% American? Doesn't happen. Michelin Tires come from France, Electronics come from Japan, Steel comes from U.S., labor comes from wherever the plants are built. There's almost nothing completely "made in the US"

    So, all of you democrats, stop your whining about the economy, and Bush, and just realize that nothing is black and white. The global economy is all reliant on each other. If you think its unfair, buy some stock. You can be an American owner of any corporation that exists....then you share in the profits, and the money stays home.....if you believe that.

    Sorry....I get winded sometimes
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    I hate the word economy it is so misused and misunderstood as to make it a word not worth using. Forget the jobs forget the elitist educated class who has found it hard to compete with other workers from around the world. I have been laid off 2 times in my life as well get over it these things happen. Something I have never done nor will I ever do is collect unemployment I have to much dignity for that. Some look for handouts others start over again and take risks.

    The only real indicator that matters is interest rates with that you can predict the "economy" George Bush senior got the rates down to 6% that alone is what created the 90s Clinton just took credit for it and ran those rates to nearly 10% which is where our economy normally falters which it did on his watch. George W Bush got those high rates back down to under 5% that is what is driving our "economy" and we are in very good shape for the next 4-6 years. The media can say what they want to try to build up losers to get them elected but the truth is we have been doing well for a few years now, which any businessperson could have told you. Iv seen 100-200% growth in my company back to back last 2 years and this year looks to be no different. As for this class warfare I personally want to become rich and that is why Dems do not get our votes anymore its not in their interest to help us do that, I remember all too well Clintons first month in office first it was the diversion he announces gays in the military everyone was fighting over that then not 30 days in office he comes out with this. " I have worked harder then I ever have in my whole life and I have just gota raise your taxes" that after he ran on tax cuts and played clip after clip of read my lips for George Bush senior who only raised them when congress told him if he did not they would not pass anything he wanted. Don't believe me check it out and I am not to happy with Bush he only gave us back half that tax increase but it is still better then nothing after all its our money not the governments!
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    Repost it in the correct font. That was blinding. I was going to PM you with a copy of it so you could repost but your Pm's were off.
    Thanks! Charles
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    oh man, this is gonna be a political battle. F*** W. we are in the worst shape as a whole (USA) You really dont know politic too much, Bush is out for his own well being, not trying to help you (litlle business man) unless you are making 500,000 / year or more - you have no reason to think the economy is good. Maybe you are growing because you are a lowball scrub??? or you just happen to live in a lucky environment, (Interest rates always go down when the economy is ****.) when its booming , they go up. Learn some econ and politics before you say "we are in good shape" Tell that to people in the highest rate of unemployment in "just about since the Great depression:" :dizzy:
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    Get your facts straight son 5.4 unemployment is not 10-12% like your depression and 5.4 is better the then 5.6 that got Bill re elected for the so called best economy in 50 years. Yes interest rates rise when we are booming in fact we have just had 7 rate hikes in a row so you just blew your own argument. My point is valid we are poised for some serious growth and that is thanks to W.

    As for why am I growing its because I bust my ass 90-hour weeks atm and I do so because I wish to be rich and after reading your post and seeing your attitude I know one of us will be and it will not be you.
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    In my opinion Kelly hit this one dead on pretty well.
    I'm sure glad I'm not the only one that see's Clinton for what he was. A FREELOADER!!!

    I'm also so tired of all the Democrat v/s Republican crap as well.
    Truthfully, I tend to vote for more Republicans.
    But political party has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    I never even consider who's what anymore.

    What they do once they get in there depends on rather or not their personal conviction is stronger than the highest bidder.

    As for Bush, well I voted for him, both times, and I have no doubt it was the right choice or should I say the better choice. Say what you want about the man, but name me one other who took office and actually DID what he said he would do? Now I'm not saying I agree with everything he does, but atleast he does what he says, says what he means and has some freakin backbone. I gotta give him credit for that. To be honest, I have more issues with what he's NOT doing, than what he is doing or has done.

    As for all of you who blame Bush for this economy and praise Clinton, what freakin' country were you living in during the late 90's when the economy finally started to suffer under his administration??? When Bush took office we were headed straight for the bottom. So cuss Bush all you want, but without him, we would be in a world of s#it right now. He has done a lot to help us, but as I said, I still feel he could do more...
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    Yea, a lot of people confuse the DOT.COM boom for something Clinton did. When it crashed they blamed Bush even though it crashed before he was in office. It just took awhile for the effects to hit our economy and people really started noticing it right after Bush was in office.

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