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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Perfect touch landscapes, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Is any one reminded of the Superthrive ads ?
  2. Perfect touch landscapes

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    hey the 2nd pic up with the 10 bushes what did it cost to trim the bushes ?

    beer taking affect , i havn't mastered this site yet my first two hours remember , what is the name of bushes, sorry.
  3. Perfect touch landscapes

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    One trick I use when putting together a proposal using my Quickbooks program or posting on Lawnsite is to click on the spell check button before I complete the document."

    Welcome to the LS forums Perfect Touch!

    Once you've been here enough you'll learn all the basics for posting on this site or you'll get blasted for it by the grammar police or the dredded punctuation police!

    It is definitely one of my pet peeves to use and spell correct English language but I do realize that everyone is different too, so I let it slide but I just have a real hard time reading these forums sometimes, so I just read it twice & sometimes three times just to actually get it, you'll catch on!

    You'll also catch onto what not to ask too!

    God forbid, don't ever ask about sharpening your blades or how often either, you'll get a hundred & one different opinions on how to do it and how sharp they should be and what tools to use. Just stay away from that one OK!

    How high do I mow? Here's another one to stay away from!

    Have you ever heard of the disease forumitis before? It's the over compulsion to have an answer for every single question that is asked on a forum and we have quite a few members here that have it

    my God i didn't realize i am so behind on replies, By the way I got walkers love them. slow, dusty, but they pay them selves off in about 2 months. i love the espesially for clean ups, i mulch with them, push, plow debris, i made my first stripe kit for it, now i got 4-5 ideas for mulch scoot, mulch bucket, debris vacum and other I will talk to you later.
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    this all goes to the size properties we are comparing friend , i never thought they was your best i am not the bashing type . if i had to guess with our ferris72" 35-40 acre location . and a 48" walker 12 locations,3/4 -1 acre 48" on smaller lawns i could go do 25-35 a day it isnt a compotition
  5. Perfect touch landscapes

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    10 boxwoods that is my regular, i have done about 5 trims to them. See more often i Trim my shrubs better they look, they get fooler and I dont leave any mistakes so next time i prune them i can do these 10 in 20 minutes. First time I prunned them for about 45 minutes. First time prune on these would have been 150.00 , as a regular customer he is part monthly maintenance , but if I were to prune them only I would of taken 80-105 for them. Now Do you see shrubs like that all the time? Maybe wherre you from but every job i got I put my signature on it. ONE OF A KIND IN TOWN. SO THEY PAY.
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    your company doesnt grow by how many accts you can do a day, it grows by quality of work that is done and weather or not the costumers are happy!!! correct me if im wrong but last i check without the costumers, you have no business, NO ACCTS=NO WORK=NO BUSINESS
  7. Perfect touch landscapes

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    seCOND picture is 13 acre property with about 300-500 trees , we do leaf clean up in 4.2 hours two guys on that crew.( my crew lol)




  8. XLS

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    perfect all i see about them is the angle and it isnt any haeder to do it it just take's longer also why not follow the contor the thre on the end is bigger and they dont need to be.
    green scapes your correct , i think he feels its a contest he ask for help and he has bashed at everyone who is tryingto help
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    Obviously he's not a mow & blow type!
  10. XLS

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    lol those pics dont equal 13 acres .......how big is an acre ( perfect only please)

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