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looked at an exmark metro today the dealer advised getting the pistol grip over the ecs system based on the fact that it is gear driven and he thought he that one gets better leverage with the pistol grip...i had heard that exmark was converting all there mowers to the ecs's $100 for the upgrade

any thoughts? get it or not?

is exmark phasing out pistol grips all together on next years models?

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It's possible that the pistol grips will be phased out but I have some doubts. I still believe there is market for pistol grips. Until ECS came along about 70-80% of the walk behind market went to pistol grips or a variation of pistol grips. After ECS those numbers changed dramatically. ECS works, it works for me much better than pistol grips. Personally I prefer ECS on both hydros and gear drives.

What's important is which one do you prefer? It doesn't matter if I like ECS or your dealer likes pistols or someone else likes something completely different. You’re the one that must be comfortable with the controls.

I'm not completely sure which models we will offer with ECS and which models will have pistol grips for next year but I'm certain we will have some of both.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


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