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    I talked to craig, the owner of Sod IUniforms on the phone and he is a great guy. I honestly would recommend him to anyone. I am going in for a meeting with him on monday and they are going to handle everything from design, to garment selection, to embroidery with me so i can visually see what i will be buying.

    Snow seems to never want to stop, i think we have a 2 week breakt though. Im predicting a huge late season snow storm in early April.

    I got my Mulch Post Cards in the mail today! Talk about fast turn around! I paid for the post cards on the 28th of Feb and they are already here!

    I will post a few pictures tomorrow! Just got back from the MSU VS WISCONSON GAME. What an ugly game, but glad to see bo ryan eat $hit! I hate that F u C KURR
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    Dlong, Thanks for the insite on the mailing times. I double checked the weather forecast and its supposed to be sunny fri sat and sun with temps of 40, 50, and 60, respectively. With that in mind I dropped the postcards this morning for a sat delivery. I figured with the weather changing over, people will be just venturing outside to see the work that needs done then see my post card in the mail. Hopefully it works.

    BTW, I went with www.gotprint.com and I am very impressed with the speed, and quality of their product. The cards came exactly as I had designed and look very professional. I would recomend them to anyone that needs some printing done.

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    Sounds like a good time to sort them out. I literally have 25k post cards that i have to get out in the next 3 weeks. BOXES all over my house!

    How many did you order from got print, and did you design them yourself or have someone designing them for you?
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    I designed them myself and did a small run of 2500. Since I'm solo and part time, I didn't want to over do it. I am going to switch to www.gotprint.com for all my printing after seeing the quality of the post cards. Since I am laid up for a few days after a small proceedure this morning (I like sex, but don't want any more kids :laugh:) I am going to design new business cards instead of using the stock photos from vista print. Plus I wasn't to impressed with vistaprints premium cards.
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    Vistaprint is good for their custom ink stamps & return address labels, I don't use anything else from them. Unless it's your own design, the stock photos on there for business cards are cheesy IMO and I've seen numerous landscape contractors use them, when I see that, I see a serious lack in creativity.
    I went through Gotprint 2 yrs ago for my business cards, I designed them with my logo, very cheap and very good quality. Still have a lot of them left and I need to offload them so I can refresh things with a new design.

    My postcards arrived today. Bob did call me earlier this week (was partially asleep as I had gotten home from plowing about an hr before he called that morning) to let me know the printing company had a mishap and sent half of my order to another guy in NJ, and I received half of his order. The printing company will be sending us full orders and the guy who received them actually found me on here and PM'd me and we're going to arrange sending each other's, to each other, if that makes sense :laughing: My postcards look straight up amazing (and I never use that word) and am really hoping they bring in a lot of clients!!
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    Hello everyone, just wanted to give my 2 cents on Direct Mail. I have been advertising my business for the last 15 years. We've spent a tremendous amount of money on the wrong forms of advertising and here's what we've boiled it down to:

    Cheapest and broadest: Community news paper insert. We use a company called C&G Newspapers in Michigan. We can do 30k homes for $0.08 to $0.12 each including the cost of printing and delivery for a 8"x5.5" post card. Just about every community has a "C&G" type of newspaper.

    More Refined: Direct Mail. The best price we've ever seen including print is postcardmania.com. They do a 4x6 small postcard for $0.18 - $0.25 mailed depending on quantity. The best part is, they have an amazing art department.

    We don't endorse either company, but we understand the plights of advertising, so I hope this helps.

    Thanks everyone,
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    Have you made any progress on getting the much sales up and going? I am itching to buy a dump truck instead of a 3/4ton and if this works for you I most likely will go that way.

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    just finished organizing my two 5000 card batches this afternoon. To print all of the paperwork out, and sort each bundle with the corectroute with all the face slips, it took me a little over 3 hours of tedious work.

    i havent touched on the mulch advertising yet because there is still snow on the ground. i am going to first do two batches of lawn care advertisments, then the third will be a mulch advertisment.

    My estimated delivery date for the mulch cards are going to be April 5th. Maybe thats even too early. Mulch applications doing happen until April 20th or later here because its so wet and the mulch just fades fast.

    jcontracting: I am going to be using gotprint for my employees business cards. I want to start being more proactive with my employees to extend my business to their network. I want to limit my employees doing "side work" for their neighbors and friends, and try to compensate them for landing the company jobs and not themselves. Do you know how much 500 cards are? have you put an image of your cards up on here yet? im excited to see them. I love the way mine look as well, and love the mulch ones even more.

    This isnt a big issue for us at all, but i know my guys help out neighbors and such, but i highly doubt the neighbors know that my employees work for a full service and installation company.

    Printing with gotprint was cheaper than bob at plan it graphics because bob can do the bundling services as well. If i didnt need a designer and bundling service i would have used Gotprint. Also, the shipping from got print would have been over 300 dollars if i ordered 20k post cards from them as well, which i thought was way overpriced.
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    Here is my postcard.


    It's been raining all day here! Can't wait for the snow to melt!! We may get 1"of snow overnight though as the forecast stands. I did get some more renewal letters & proposals sent in the mail today also. Working on a picture for the about section of my site. Then continuing on proposals for existing clients (to get them to go full service, for the ones that weren't last year or only had a fall clean up done). I also have one proposal to get done by Wed, a decent sized one, church and church & cemetary 3.5 acre & 2.5 acre site - mowing, clean ups, and 2 fert/weed control apps.
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    Had 1400 go out Wednesday and only have gotten ONE call. Kinda disappointing. Gonna try again with another 1600 next week. Hopefully calls start coming in now that the weather is warming up and things are turning green again. Inch of rain today along with a high of 60 is helping!

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