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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by godjwood, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. godjwood

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    So I experimented with direct mail this year, the USPS EDDM program. Sent to areas we already have clients, very targeted. Large 9.5x11 post cards. Hit during prime season on sunny days. 2 hits to each address. Here are the results:

    32 total clients/leads from source: direct mail
    18 of these leads were converted to clients

    so thats 56% win rate on these estimates from direct mail
    .02% response rate (32 leads out of 15000 sent)

    $5000 was spent on mail for 15000 pieces

    which means:
    $156 per lead and
    $278 per client

    .02% not the best response rate. Thinking about instead sending based on demographics not through EDDM. More $ per piece but more targeted.

    We only pay about $25 per lead through google adwords but those campaigns are already maxed out. The way I figured they are much more expensive leads, but leads we wouldn't have had otherwise..

    Thoughts and your response rates with direct mail?
  2. Utah Lawn Care

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    When I did it I spent about $800 per client. Good job.
  3. whiffyspark

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    How much are the acquired clients worth
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  4. intrigue12

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    Don't forget to take into account that people hold on to those postcards. They sit on tables, or maybe go up on refrigerators. People may be on the fence about there current provider or their grass guy may quit next year. I still get calls from postcards we sent out 5-6 years ago. Its crazy sometimes but it happens.

    Also alot of your services are season specific. For instance if you do leaf clean ups in the fall your going to get more calls. This is going to increase your % and lower your per client cost. Also If you kept all the leads information you can direct mail those people year after year since they have already shown interest in your services. IMO its hard to quantify the effectiveness accurately.
  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    That's been my experience too! However I always seem to give it "just one more chance" because "maybe itll work better this time."
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  6. godjwood

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    from RI
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    Great feedback, intrigue. Have you used EDDM or mailing lists?

    I agree as some people may say they "saw your truck" when indeed they got your postcard as well so it definitely creates indirect leads. As they say they need to see your name 7x before they call. Some people tell us they have "seen us all over the place" so this mail was just another source.

    Great idea about mailing these leads directly- In fact I want to send special mailings to all leads, hand written post cards maybe. Hand addressed gets a lot more attention.

    I intend to do a fall mailing as well for seeding/plantings/fall cleanups. I was 50/50 on a summer mailing for hardscaping but given the rate leads are coming in this time of year I feel the ROI would be less. Thanks again for the insight!
  7. kranker022

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    Screw eddm...I tried and was not impressed. Took the advertising budget and hired someone to get me to the top of Google search results for dozens of services and my phone rings off the hook. I know a great company if anyone is interested
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  8. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I have done EDDM last year and this year. I put out 5k fliers and each time I have gained roughly 10 weekly customers directly from them, 5 or so indirectly (calls from neighbors, friends, etc that originally recieved the mailers) and 5 calls for jobs that were too big or not within my abilities.

    At under $1k for 5k mailings, I am loving EDDM. It works pretty good in my area and I am happy with both the amount of calls it generates, and the quality of clients I get from it. I plan on doing 5k more next spring...
  9. kranker022

    kranker022 LawnSite Member
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    I get 50+ calls a week.. 100+ calls during the spring rush. If you guys never invested in search engine optimization I suggest giving it a shot. Costs me $200 a month. Frankly I don't have a big enough operation to even do all the work so I've been to learn how to profit from subbing. Do I do landscape lighting? No. But I rank well for it and sure as hell love the 10% kickback from giving the leads to someone else.
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  10. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I've been thinking about trying EDDM. If I could sent out 5,000 mailers in a very small area and pick up five really good clients it would be more than worth the money... what I'm worried about though is not picking up any clients and being out a grand. I tried mailing post cards directly on my own and had poor luck considering the work involved. In April I sent out 100 post cards in nice green envelopes that were hand addressed and stamped and to this day have gotten exactly 0 calls.

    I'm currently focusing more on getting my website up and running.

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