EDDM (USPS Every Door Direct Mail) Results

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by godjwood, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. RonWin

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    5k for 18 new clients landed? Depending on whether or not they are in the neighborhoods you want to be in I would say that's a slam dunk.
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  2. Bunton Guy

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    We rely a lot on EDDM for phone calls. Last month we sent out 3,300 EDDM post cards and got 5 calls and landed 3 lawn maintenance contracts. One of those new customers got us a referral and landed that maintenance contract as well.
    We have a VERY specific area we work in and service we provide. We only take on lawn maintenance contracts & will only provide our add on services for contracted clients. So our post cards have a narrow target which means less calls...BUT each call basically is pre-screened. Our post cards spell it out in bold that this is an advertisement for yearly contracted service & our prices start at XYZ per month.

    That way we aren't getting calls from people that can't afford the XYZ price ++

    I would say EDDM has worked well. Just for reference the 4 that we landed off the EDDM this month will contract out as $8,640 per year and that's not including the additional up charges already signed for Aeration,over-seeding,fungicide applications,mulch & flower rotations which will bring in estimated another : $7,260 for the 4 clients.
    So 3,300 post cards have grossed us roughly $15,900 in yearly work guaranteed.
    $808.00 cost to print/mail and $15,900 gross ROI
  3. inzane

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    I'm gonna try 10k in march, and possibly more in april if that goes good. I did pretty good off my websites, but I want to target a specific area and i'm thinking EDDM will help. I do lawn apps only. i'd have to pick up 10 customers at my minimum price (and keep them the entire year) to break even atleast on 10k post cards which is gonna cost me just unde $2500 from the way it is looking.

    It was suggested to me to put the money into google adwords. Competition is really high for the keywords i'd be going for, cost per click seems to be high. I'm already ranking first page for a few cities i'm targeting now, so figure that combined with direct mail could be a good plan i guess.
  4. Nj shade

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    As mentioned in earlier posts, SEO and google add words is the way to go. Those customers are actively searching for specific services vs blindly mailing cards.

    Did EDDM this yr for first time, used largest full color cards, made the phone ring and closed on a lot of new accounts but a lot of calls/estimates for customers that are not my target customer (bid $40 on lawn, "well I'm paying $38 now can you match it" type of customers).
  5. inzane

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    300+ calls/estimate requests off the website this year and ive had just as much price shopper type customers.

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  6. Nj shade

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    We get them via the website as well. The cards I felt had even more of them. As I mentioned earlier I feel google Adwords and good SEO gets quality customers that are specifically looking for specific services.
  7. mhelpdesk

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    The greatest thing about keywording and AdWords is that you can decide exactly what kind of customer you want, and only pay for those leads. They will be modern, efficient people (I'm generalizing, obviously) compared to the ones who call because of an ad in the paper, and might be less likely to try to get you to cut your prices. Also remember if you're targeting a certain neighborhood specifically, you can use Facebook or LinkedIn ads to target JUST the people who live in that neighborhood. It's very cost-effective.
  8. raish05

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  9. Dan Delion

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    What was the name of the company?
  10. Kurt6845

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    I'm still torn on the EDDMs. There's some guys on here that report awesome ROI with them(1-3%) which would be fricken sweet. But then there's those horror stories as mentioned earlier where you shell out a bunch of cash for it, and get very little ROI. I have a professional web designer building a website as we speak and will continue to do the SEO and social media marketing, which I'm hoping/expecting good ROI on, but kind of wanted to hit it twice, by doing targeted EDDM with the new web address on the cards. Between the postcard, the website, and potential customers seeing our trucks in the service areas I want to target with EDDM, I would like to believe that they would start to have that feeling that they "see us all over the place" when in reality we only have one mowing truck and my personal truck that are lettered. Trying to accomplish the larger size business appearance in hopes that it will help us get those "larger size business accounts." We can do it and we are trying to grow and put at least one more mowing rig on the street this year and I feel I need to market, market, market, but so far short of a website and EDDM, I've tried it all with little ROI. Any other suggestions that worked for other folks out there?

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