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  1. vaacutabove

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    I will be doing EDDM this spring and I am having a hard time on what to put on it. Was thinking about something like Tired of the national fert companies over promising and under delivering? try our owner operated approach... Think this is a good Idea or make me sound like an ass.

    I will be trying to add about 40 more customers next year.
  2. Cadzilla

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    Whats an eddm?

    Eddie Munster?
  3. vaacutabove

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    every door direct mail its a post office thing its 14.5 cents a card.
  4. Ric

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    EDDM Every Door Direct Mail.

    I had 5,000 Flier print 6 X 12 card stock for $ 300 = $0.06 each. Mailing Cost of $ 0.145 = $ 0.205 total cost each flier.

    I advertised mostly Pest Control and targeted my market in Working class Neighborhoods. My response was excellent. 6 months later I am still getting calls from people who saved the Flier.


  5. grassmasterswilson

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    I looked into this but found that many of our postal routes service good and bad neighborhoods. So I would be wasting cards.

    I got the tax records from the country and made my own mailing list of neighborhoods and businesses I wanted to target. So Every card i sent went to a person i would want as a customer.
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  6. ted putnam

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    I've got a local printing company that will do 5,000 6.5 x 9, 4 color glossy cards printed both sides and mailed to desired neighborhoods of my choosing for 28.2 cents apiece. I don't have to do anything except approve final artwork and neighborhoods I wish to have covered. He also said they could be mailed all at once or trickled out at 500-1000 per week or whatever schedule I desired. He gave me a couple of samples of his work. One of them was for the Ace Hardware stores around here.

    It seemed like a pretty good deal to me and I thought I might try it this spring. I've never done mailers before...
  7. Ric

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    I found trickled out to be very manageable. I am Glad I didn't try mailing them all at once. Even Trickled I found myself very busy with calls and trying to do my regular route.

  8. Cadzilla

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    Oh yeah. I looked into this as well when they started it a few years back. I don't need that kind of traffic right now but it looked good.

    Your .06 per piece is about 6 times below average. Especially for such a small run.
  9. grandview (2006)

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    Did it in the spring. 5k postcards and will do it again. 1 call paid for the whole mailing.
  10. vaacutabove

    vaacutabove LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Anyone have any thoughts on the above wording or have any wording advise.

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