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    Good ideas. Remember it costs just as much to mail a poor quality flier as to mail a top rate brochure. Get the best. Good wording. Great color pictures. Point out the advantages of an owner-operated firm. Your printer should be able to help. Probably he can show you excellent successful brochures or mailers he has done for other non-competing businesses. I think we have a sponsor that has some really good brochures. Plan ahead. You don't want someone else using the same mailer. Reserve your exclusive rights in your area. Now is a good time to spend a few hours and get some really excellent photos of your properties. And if you have a well-known commercial or government site...maybe some photos there (with their OK).

    Naturally it is fine to drive around or use tax records or whatever means you can, if you wish to use first class mail to compose a mailing list to the location and type of clientele to whom you want to present your pitch, (your elevator talk). You can use the mailing list twice a year for years into the future. Its a lot of work, but very valuable.

    Take a look at some top-quality competing brochures. Naturally don't use a cute Dalmation...but maybe a fluffy Schnauzer, plus cute kids would work. People are always included for a reason--people respond to attractive people. Women won't read ads that have pictures of your equipment.

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