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    Sent out 2500 EDDMs yesterday and have not reicieved any call backs as of yet. I know that 2500 is not that much and thinking about sending out another batch. Anyone have any advice on anything specific to put on EDDMs to get the most return. A buddy of mine did 5000 with a 3rd month free mow if signed up for a year and only got 3 calls so far. Any advice or suggestions would be apperciated. Also do you think it best to send out another batch to same area in a few weeks or try targeting other neighborhoods.
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    With the cool weather we have had in the later part of this winter, I can only imagine your lawns are still not actively growing as well. Give it a week or two and when things start growing like crazy that is when the calls will start coming in. If you have already sent them to these customers I would guess your best return would be in a couple weeks when things get going/growing as they will remember your companies information from seeing it before.

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