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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Eden Lights, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Lite4

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    I pop in every once in a while. O the glory days of 06-08
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  2. Jimmy Turks

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    Well that was quick... about a month and a half has gone by and it only took a couple of mins to review and comment. I guess everyone pretty much knows everything there is to know about outdoor lighting now. :)
    Light On!
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  3. Mike M

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    Glory days, haha 06-08!

    I was just trying to think how many tools I still use (that are not lost or broken) since 07 and it turns out to be just my '07 F-150 :D

    I have still have stuff I have stopped using, such as a big wooden box to carry a solder pot and a box of halogen bulbs and my demo kit.

    Dang, I don't even use the dslr camera anymore, the iphone not only takes great pics but the video finally takes great footage, too.

    I just found an old Nightscaping transformer in my garage and decided to install lights at my home. I'm hoping I can get enough volts to illuminate a few 20 watt halogens out to the front (haha). The cri will be awesome at 100. When I was trenching from the back of the property I had a memories of using 10/2 cable, and using multiple cables in a trench. Oh my God. Where's my Unique voltage drop reference card.
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    I pop in from time to time.
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