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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MATTHEW, Nov 19, 2001.


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    Stopped by a customers house today and he told me some guy driving by stopped his car, walked up to him on the porch and said
    "you have got the best looking lawn on this street!" Needless to say he was proud of his property. Now it is very green due to the 20-10-10 applied 2 weeks ago and was just cut last week. BUT, the difference was that his lawn was edged. Actually it was the only one on the street edged, and there are other LCO's in the area. If you don't edge- do it now. They will see that perfect edge all winter and it will reinforce the fact that your work is above par.
    Then next year, hard edge it right from the start and keep it that way by spinning the trimmer upside down and running it over all the edges. Your lawns will stand out from the rest.:blob3:
  2. GLS

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    I edge most of my lawns, but there are many people that don't like the look. When I first started the business, I edged it without asking her, and she hated it. I agree, it does look much better, and makes it easier to trim, but some people don't like it.
  3. kutnkru

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    I like to edge every other cut. This still keeps the properties looking manicured yet it satisfies those who dont like it done each week. I personally like the way the edge looks just about the time Im do to show up. I like the crispness on the beds especially.

    I agree that the edges look best when kept clean. Yet sometimes what we do is overkill as well.

    Just my .02
  4. scottt

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    Around here you have to edge every cut. I have never had a customer ask me not to edge every week. They say if they are going to pay to have the lawn mowed, they want everything done. I also mow bermuda almost exclusively, fescue doesn't creep over the edge as much as bermuda.
  5. Craig Turf Management

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    We edge every cut, and twice a year with a push edger to really clean out the cut. Use a stick edger though. A string trimmer will make the void between the curb and lawn too wide after awhile.

    Congratulations on the compliment. Bet you can't fit your head in the truck anymore.
  6. Upside down would be the same as bevel cutting it. You would want to turn your string so it's at a 90 degree angle to the ground.

    Also when you do this you should stand in the grass and walk back wards. Becarefull cause it will throw lots of stuff out.

    When you do it with the weed eater you can make your edge to wide. I've seen may lco's that do it like this that have 2"-3" gaps between the edge of the surface and the grass or dirt.
  7. walker-talker

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    I think that the edging job really is the finishing touch, makes the mowing job stand out. I only edge every other week, unless the lawn is irragated. If you use a stick edger, I can bet that you will never use your line timmer again.
  8. HOMER

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    That's my pet peeve................I won't leave a property unless it has been edged and the grass beveled to match the contour.

    It ain't done til it's done!
  9. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I agree (especially at the end of the yr). This is what the customer will remember when Feb rolls around and the new contracts get delivered.

    I like to put a nice edge on my lawns on the last cut. Makes it easier in the Spring also.
  10. PaulJ

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    I edge with a trmmer at a 90 like LGF said. if your carefull this works well, or so ai thought . then I got a trimmer with an EDGIT attachment.:D this is a disk that takes the place of the gaurd. Makes a clean straight edge. Easy to maintain. I to can't bear Not to edge every cut. Edgit has a web site but I don't have the address. I agree, a hard blade edger is good to do at least once a year. :D

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